Kicking it down the road

This is my little corner of the internet. My place away from the noise. I'm not here to scream.

Tired tricks are too easy.

Baseball is weird. And so am I.

I started this site a couple years ago to rant and rave. I reread some of the old pieces that I wrote. They aren't very good. The delete button is a writer's best friend. I didn't press it enough.

I stepped outside the batter's box. I am setting my feet back in now. I've changed my stance.

I don't want to yell. The world is loud enough.

I am going to share some stories here. Some true - sort of.

Bending now.

I decided to take some time off work and live out my dream - tired of writing about everyone else who is living theirs.

It's time to write my own story.

I had some cash saved because I don't spend much money. I don't want much. I don't need much. I'm easy. Things have never really impressed me. I guess that's a good thing.

I bought an '86 Volkswagen Vonagon camper. It runs the road. It's taking me places. It's the reason I can bend now. It's the reason I can break. Sweeping away.

My girlfriend thinks that I am boxed out of my mind. I think that she is right.

I am going to take this thing around the asphalt in America. I'm going to go watch some minor league baseball. I am going to meet small town America. Shake its hand. See its parks. Its people.

There is no reason to be unoriginal. None of us were born that way.

I have been kicking this dream in my mind for too long. It's time to start kicking it down the road.

I will share some of it here.

 bat flips are poetic
social media is weird
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