The Bright Side Of Blue Jays Bad

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately on Jays Droppings, but I’ve been pretty busy writing up stuff for Blue Jays Nation. So if you’re coming over to my site and not seeing as much to read, it’s because I’ve been writing a lot over there. But, keep on coming because Jays Droppings is my Blue Jays - say whatever the hell I want - home and I will always toss up articles here. I just needed to get that out of the way. Alright, cool shit, let's begin...

...So it hasn’t been much fun this season and the Jays have been pretty bad. 2018 has been one effing cuss after another. And it's really shitty that the Jays are *probably* already out of Wild Card contention in the third week of June…big time punch to the baseball nose.

According to Fangraphs, the Jays have 2.8% chance of making the postseason - fun times. They are currently 11.5 games back from Seattle – as I type this – and the only thing I’m looking forward to is seeing what the brass does at the trade deadline.

But, here’s the thing that I’ve been thinking lately and it’s probably totally crazy to think. But, who gives a shit and this is what it is: the after-the-trade-deadline Jays are going to be a fun team to watch.

When the Jays do eventually trade Happ and Estrada and other free-agents-to-be, the organization is going to add more talent into an already pretty awesome farm system, which is really cool. And once certain players are moved, roster spots are going to open up for some talented prospects who deserve their big-league chance. So, we’re all going to get to watch some of our future stars do some fun things in August and September. And sadly, Vladdy is most likely not going to be one of them.

But, lefty Ryan Borucki will finally be in the Jays' rotation to fill in the post-trade deadline pitching hole. Borucki has been terrific in Buffalo this season. And it’s time to call him up. And I’m guessing Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro already know this.

His 9.5 K-BB% is a pretty damn impressive strikeout-to-walk ratio, as he has fanned 58 so far this season and has only surrendered 28 walks. He has held International League hitters to a .218 batting average and .253 BABIP, which suggests that he has been generating a lot of weak contact, as well. But, enough of this Fangraphs whatever stuff. The point is that the lefty pitcher is talented, and it will be fun to see him pitch in Toronto this summer.

Speaking of gems down in Buffalo, I just wrote a piece for Blue Jays Nation where I pretty much rah rah the shit out of Danny Jansen. And in it, I toss out the idea that the Jays should sell high on Luke Maile now and get what they can, because contending teams like the Brewers and Red Sox desperately need an upgrade behind home plate. And because Danny Jansen is better than Luke Maile.

And if something like this actually happens and Danny Jansen ends up playing for the Jays in August and September; the Jays are going to be that much more fun to watch in the final months of this shitty season. And honestly, they will probably win more ball games than they lose.

I know that it feels like dire times, but it’s not at all. It’s actually a great time to be a Jays fan.

And no I’m not drunk on Kool-Aid.

The organization has been rebuilding for the past two seasons. The farm system has become one of the best in the MLB. The Jays have the top prospect in all of baseball. They have so much prospect-y goodness that the future really is bright.

Vladdy has PLAKATA-D and slaughtered baseballs all season long. Bichette is back to doing Bichette things after his minor little slump. Sean Reid-Foley has reemerged as one of the Jays’ best pitching prospects. T.J. Zeuch was just named the Eastern League Pitcher of the Week. Eric Pardinho made his pro debut on Wednesday night for Bluefield and was good – like really good.

I could go on and on about so many prospects in the pipeline because the large adult sons are the best thing about this shitty Jays season. There are so many players to like and gush over. The emergence of Kevin Smith, Ryan Noda, and Cavan Biggio has been fun to watch and read about this season. And let’s not sleep on Alford and Urena either – not that you have. And let's not forget about big Nate, Logan Warmoth, Jordan Romano, Samad Taylor, Reese McGuire, and Riley Adams to hurl a couple names out there for fun.

The farm is rich with talent right now and these prospects are something cool to focus on when the Jays are in the middle of a bang-your-head-on-the-wall season. And after the Jays unload some free-agents-to-be, the system and future is going to be that much better. And it’s going to have to be if the Jays plan on beating the really good dumb Yankees in the future years to come.

It might seem like bleak times and it might be hard to watch this underperforming team, but all that is going to change. Some fickle fans out there might not see things this way, which is fine. But, the truth is that the Jays are fine.

I know this season hasn’t been much fun at all, but there is a lot to like in the tomorrows to come. And tomorrow will get that much better once all the Jays trades are said and done and they have added more talent into their system.

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