Helping Old Cleveland Friends

Back in the early nineties, I used to go down to Cleveland with my stepdad for a week to watch the Jays every summer. Cleveland played in good old Municipal Stadium back then. The stadium was big. It was empty. The pillars were like giant walls. I was too young to drink beer. And somehow, the atmosphere was perfect. I was a little squirt. REM was my favourite band. And Cleveland slowly became my second favourite team, and they still are today.

I could go down memory lane and get all nostalgic and shit and go on about meeting Juan Guzman in the concourse before he pitched that same night. I could tell you about the time I saw Mark McGwire at the Galleria Mall when Oakland was in town. And share my story about how I nervously approached him and mustered up the courage to ask him for his autograph. I could tell you how he stared at me with his expressionless, smug look, shook his head, and turned around and started talking to the people he was with. I was eleven – nice guy. Anyway…

Since I do watch Cleveland and follow them (and have since the early nineties), this team needs a little trade deadline help from the Jays. They need some sort of help if they want to actually press on further than the ALDS this year and try to make a real run at the World Series before their window closes. They need to upgrade their bullpen. And they could even add an arm into their rotation, as well. So, Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins might be able to help their old friends, and Cleveland might be able to help the Jays.


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