Mark Shapiro And Ross Atkins Will Walk The Line Just Fine

The blow it the *cuss* up talk is happening now, as the Jays sit a bunch of games behind the second Wild Card spot. And it kind of sucks because it’s early June and the everything-is-fun April seems like a hell of a long time ago. During these shitty baseball days, we’ve all been a bunch of bar flies sitting on bar stools in our local dive bars reaching hard for the bottle of Vlad to feel better about the long journey into the future, but even that fun has been temporarily taken from all of us now.

Ross Atkins spoke on some older guy’s sports radio show in Toronto earlier in the week. And on this well-known station, Atkins didn’t say much of anything – just a lot of vanilla comments. I was ready to get down to writing an ‘Atkins Speaks’ piece, but it’s hard to turn vanilla into some hard-hitting whiskey. I passed on the idea, but it did get me thinking about what the organization is going to do as the trade deadline fast approaches. And more importantly, what they are going to do this offseason.

I am actually really excited about seeing what they end up doing. It’s something that I’m looking forward to because at this point in time there isn’t much else. This season has been about as bad as getting stuck in a conversation at a bar with some dude who decides to go on about how Blind Melon was the greatest band in the nineties. And Paul Simon’s Graceland was the greatest album of the eighties, too. So, you listen to be polite and drink more because getting drunk makes everything less boring. And you don’t feel like disagreeing because that will lead to a really bad night at the bar talking to a random stranger the whole time when you just wanted to have a few drinks and feel good. This is not a *true* story.


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