Let’s start talking about how awesome Danny Jansen is, seriously!

May 16, 2018


With all the noise being drummed up by the criminal bat of big bad ‘call him up now’ Vlad, it makes sense that casual Jays fans are overlooking certain prospects in the system. The new three-headed monster in New Hampshire: Vladdy, Biggio, and Bichette have been pounding nails in the floor with Double-A pitcher heads.


It’s kind of funny that there has been talk of Bo Bichette struggling because – as I type this - he is hitting .279. Sure, he has struck out 33 times and only drawn 16 walks and has had some defensive struggles. But, he is getting plenty of extra base hits (14 – 3rd best on the team), and he’s getting on base (OBP .353), so there is no reason to hit the ‘Travis Snider’ panic button. The bloodline trio of Guerrero Jr., Bichette, and Biggio has been a Double-A demolition crew.


All eyes have been on the 80-grade-greatness of Vladdy: the prodigious young star has become a legend in Canada before even setting foot on the carpet in the Dome. One scout has compared him to Bryce Harper, Manny Ramirez, and Frank Thomas. Blue Jays writers have splashed their Vladdy purple prose onto the screen for us to read. Many Jays fans have been tweeting for him to be called up. Many Jays writers have been tweeting for him to be called up. I have been tweeting for him to be called up. Every Jays fan is ready for him to be called up.


And it’s not that we’re being impatient dumb fans. It’s just that it makes sense for the Toronto front office to want to field the best players in the organization, and there is no reason to hold Vlad back (even though I wrote a piece last week where I tried to convince myself otherwise). And there is no reason to care about Vlad’s service time because if an organization is smart, they will just pay the player when it’s time to pay the player. 



There is just so much to gush over in New Hampshire that it’s easy for all of us not to talk about other certain dominant players in the pipeline. Jordan Romano and Sean Reid-Foley have been a tag team ‘strike force’ on the ol’ dirt hill for the ‘Cats.


Romano is 6 – 0, has an ERA of 2.23, and an are-you-kidding me .97 WHIP. And Reid-Foley is 5 – 0, has an ERA of 1.88, and a 1.04 WHIP. These two pitchers are exactly what the organization needs, as the team crosses the bridge to 2020. It’s no secret that Reid-Foley went sideways last season and struggled with control, but he’s just too damn good not to bounce back like he has so far this year. These two pitchers are making a ton of noise, noise that can’t be cancelled out.


It’s so easy not to talk about Danny Jansen because it’s just too easy to talk about what’s happening in New Hampshire. But, let’s not forget about what this Bison is doing at Coca-Cola Field. And let’s not forget about how good the chicken wings are at the Anchor Bar, either.



If you live within driving distance of Upstate New York, Danny Jansen is a reason to take the QEW South to Buffalo to watch some baseball. It’s not like you want to go there to watch a Joe Biagini start… Um, ah, yeah, let's move him back to the Jays’ ‘pen already, right? But, that’s a piece for another time. Anywho…


I digress. Danny Jansen is currently hitting .311, he is leading the team in good ol’ fashion RBIs, and has an .883 OPS. I think it’s fair to say that if Luke Maile wasn’t doing these Luke Maile things that Jays fans would be hootin’ and hollerin’ for Jansen to be called up.


But, Lukey Barrels has been good, Lukey Barrel has been a Blue Jays 40-game mark all-star. However, Danny Jansen has picked up right where he left off last season. Danny Jansen is doing Danny Jansen things. And once Luke Maile actually starts doing real Luke Maile things, maybe we should start asking for Danny Jansen to be called up.



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