Stooges In The Dirt

The good ol’ dirt road is full of twists and effin’ shouts, as all of us hardworking people know. You can walk in the dirt, you can question the dirt, and you can think as you travel down it like a lost Hobo in search of some kind of definitive answer, or next sip of booze. But, either way – scholar or hobo – we keep on in search of some great wail late into the night.

And that wail that we seek comes with its howls when the moment doesn’t seem right. And those howls that get lost in the wind turn into a quick silence when the road straightens out. But, even if it seems like the perfect dirt road to press your foot on the pedal and cruise down, there is no way of knowing how it will all end, or where the next sip of something might come from. And who really gives a shit, just as long as there’s a yearning inside.

Now, while we’re on this conveyor belt of time, we can all act like know-it-all cool kids spitting out our know-it-all thoughts – I do it all the time. And most of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but honestly who does?

Now, the Blue Jays organization is cruising on its path to the future, as we sit here and sip our wine. And the dust seems to have settled. Many Jays fans squawked like a bunch of stooges for Shapiro and Atkins to blow up this team and do a hard rebuild, which was an easy hard pass for these two executives.

And the way they have decided to take this road to the future is something that every Jays fan should be thankful for. This team is slowly becoming youthful and providing ol’ Gibbers options and a reason to use his baseball thinking cap. The current regime wasn’t about to let this team turn into a bunch of crusty punks, who sit on a corner in Kensington Market crushing back tall cans of Holsten like a bunch of effin’ goofs.


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