Maybe The Blue Jays Shouldn't Be Winning This Way, But It’s Cool That They Are!

Back in the good ol’ days when I was a young university student reading books and writing essays at Brock, I used to go to the old casino in Niagara Falls with my best friend Matt and hit up the roulette tables.

We would drive up to the Falls in his shitty Honda - or my ugly, but durable cream coloured 1981 Cutlass Supreme, which we nicknamed the ‘Cream Machine’. Yeah, I was the kid with the big ugly car, who didn’t drive a brand new Pontiac Sunfire (that’s what all the cool kids drove back then… woof.)

We would drive down the QEW, get off on Stanley Avenue, and then cruise down Clifton Hill past all the wax museums, haunted houses, and neon lights, as we made our way to the parking lot at the bottom of the hill.

The two of us would sometimes win playing our numbers – some call that beginners luck - until we ended up losing more than we were winning. So, yeah, eventually we realized our luck ran out. So, we stopped going because losing money at the casino when you're a university student - who doesn’t have a lot of money to begin with - kind of sucks.

And you might be thinking why the hell am I telling you this story, but if someone predicted back in March that the Blue Jays would be rolling along in these winning April days with Kevin Pillar leading the team offensively, slashing .301/.348/.466, I wouldn’t have placed any of my betting chips on that sort of nonsense.

And if that same someone had predicted that Yangervis Solarte would be leading the team in dingers and Curtis Granderson would be leading the team in some good ol’ fashion RBIs, I would have laughed and actually placed all my chips on another piss poor April start. But, the Jays are finding ways to win games and it’s kind of fun how they are doing it.

A certain writer *cough* wrote a piece about how the Jays can’t keep running their starters through opposing lineups three times, and how they can’t keep expecting guys like Granderson to carry the offence, and that they are going to have to find other ways to win ballgames. And he is probably right. I mean, how long can this kind of fun luck last? I dunno, but it’s cool that it’s happening. And we’re all fine with it.

Here's the thing: Luke effin’ Maile leads the team with a 189 wRC+, followed by Teoscar Hernandez 186 wRC+, and then Grandy with a very modest 173 wRC+… huh? Exactly.

I think that it’s crystally clear that Luke Maile isn’t going to continue to produce like he has been. And the same goes for good ol’ Grandy and Solarte, too. And that’s okay.

I mean we can all start talking about how good Granderson has been for the Jays. And we can all get excited about Teoscar. And we can all laugh at John Gibbons using his hottest hitter Luke Maile to pinch-hit, but eventually this sort of luck runs out, doesn’t it?

And don’t get me wrong here, I am not typing up some piece that is shitting on all the fun. I love how the good Birds of Summer are winning ballgames and it's - as the millennials would say - cool AF. I’m all in on Blue Jays Ws and I don’t really give a shit how they earn them.

Any hoser out there can say that they are not as strong as a team like stupid Boston. And any hoser out there can say that Jays fans need to keep things in perspective because it’s still only April. And any hoser out there can cry for the Blue Jays’ need to have a designated ‘long man’ in the pen. And any hoser out there could say that the Jays should send Travis down to Buffalo. And any hoser out there can try and piss on the April Blue Jays fun, but this hoser here thinks that we should just enjoy what is happening right now, or take off, eh!

If back in March, some time-travelling hobo had told me that by the end of April, Justin Smoak would be leading the team in strikeouts, Devon Travis would be hitting .130, Russell Martin would be hitting .140, Randal Grichuck would be hitting .086, Marcus Stroman’s ERA would be 8.55, and Josh Donaldson would be on the DL, I would have bet all of my chips on the Blue Jays being under .500 and somewhere near the bottom of the AL East. But, here they are coming from behind, walking-off, and winning ballgames. So, you really just never know when it comes to the mystery that is baseball.

And the good news is that Josh Donaldson is going to be coming back sooner than later, which means that good ol’ Gibbers will be adding an MVP into his lineup. How many teams can say that?

And once some of the players we expect to heat up eventually do heat up, there is no reason that this team can’t continue to win ballgames. Now, how will they win these games? Who knows?

So far this team has been winning games and it’s been real cool. So, I say sit back and enjoy the baseball ride like you were cruising in a safe and comfortable 1981 Cutlass Supreme. It’s still only April and it’s a long road ahead.

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