Dear Bobby Manfred

Dear Bobby Manfred,

On behalf of all Blue Jays fans in Canada, I want to thank you for yesterday’s interactive and fun streaming experience. It was an indelible, Facebook-only moment, and I can’t wait to log in and watch the next Facebook-only Jays game on May 24th against the Angels. I sure hope Shohei Ohtani is pitching in this afternoon gem, so that I can watch it from my dumb smartphone, and read all the terrific comments – fun effin’ times, Bobby.

I remember last year, when you announced MLB’s partnership with Facebook to stream 20 games live on good ol’ Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking service, it was no big deal because both regional television broadcasters and Facebook showed the same Friday night games – not too bad at all. But this year’s Bloomberg-estimated $35 million dollar cash-rules-everything-around MLB deal only allows Facebook to stream the games. Now, if you used this money to properly pay MiLB players, I most definitely wouldn’t be typing up this letter to you. Big effin’ thumbs up, Bobby.

Now, I remember being a cool 20-something back in the mid Y2Ks when MySpace was the hip thing happening in the land of the Internet. But that all changed when Facebook came onto the scene and everyone abandoned their MySpace accounts and went all in on Facebook. It was many Broken-Social-Scene-was-still-a-band moons ago.


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