The Yankees Are Playing Like Garbage, And Their Schedule Isn’t Going To Get Any Easier!

Holy shit the New York Yankees schedule isn’t going to get any easier as they push on in April. And I know that it’s super early and there is no reason to plan parades or write anyone off, but I effin’ love watching the Yankees lose. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the dumb Yankees play shitty baseball. And nothing would make me – or probably any Jays fan – happier than seeing this team tank, after the 'Stanton splash' they made in the offseason.

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that they are heading into shitsville and that they are on an elevator to the bottom of the AL East or anything – that spot has been reserved for the Rays. But, they are 6 – 7 and they haven’t been very good at all.

The next 5-games are relatively easy, as they play 3-games in Detroit starting tonight and then host Jeter’s pawn shop Marlins for two. But, after that our good Birds of Summer travel to the Bronx – where hopefully the Jays can take 3 out of 4 – and then the shitty pin stripes host a 4-game series against Molly’s Twins before heading out on the road.

And their road trip isn’t going to be easy, especially if they can’t turn it around. And this is when the Yankee season could get real ugly real fast. They play 3-games against the pretty damn hot Halos and then they go to Houston for 4-games. After all that, they go back to the Apple and play a 3-game series against Cleveland, followed by a 3-game series against the Red Sox.

Now again, it is early and I know it’s baseball and I understand that it’s a long marathon and all that kind of stuff, but as Blue Jays fans we all know how hard it is to comeback from a shitty April. I’m not about to put my Pro Line cap on and try to guess the outcome of these future games for the dumb Yankees, but I am going to keep my damn fingers crossed that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

The Red Sox are looking really good, Cleveland is going to win the shitty AL Central, and Houston is going to win the pretty bad AL West. That leaves the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Halos fighting it out for the Wild Card. And I know I am a bit of an optimist, but I do try to balance that with the realist who lives somewhere in me, and I’m pretty sure that Jays are actually good this year.

A whole hell of a lot of shit can happen from now until September, but I would love to see the Yankees dig themselves into a big, ugly early hole that they would then have to try and climb out of in late May and June.

Blue Jays fans should keep their eye on the Angels all season long – not just because Ohtani is fun to watch – but because they are a team that is going to press on in the Wild Card race in September if their hitting can get them there.

The Halos have been on fire, but they have played mostly shitty teams so far and they will continue to play mostly shitty teams all year long because of the garbage division that they are in. But, it’s important to remember that the Halos have a starting rotation that isn’t something to get overly excited about, as most of their pitchers are coming back from some sort of Tommy John or torn ulnar collateral something.

They are currently counting on Richards, Skaggs, Ohtani, and Tropeano to take the ball on the ol’ dirt hill and get them through their pitching injury woes, as Heaney is out with elbow inflammation, Shoemaker is out with some forearm issue, and JC Ramirez is now on the 10-day DL and may undergo Tommy John surgery.

It’s going to be a long season for the Halos pitching staff, and by the time September rolls around, I’m guessing their bullpen is going to be over-worked and tired, so the team is going to have to put up a ton of runs to win ball games. It certainly won’t be their pitching.

But, I never would’ve entertained the possibility that the Yankees would have to fight for the privilege to play in the Wild Card game. I always figured it was a given that either Boston or New York would host the Wild Card game versus the Jays or Halos – maybe the Twins, but – nah, they’re not that good.

But, maybe if the Yankees continue to struggle and lose ballgames and dig themselves into a dirty hole, they might not actually even be playing baseball in the fall. And nothing would make me happier than seeing the dumb Yankees not make the post season this year.

It would just be too sweet to see this team go sideways and lose. It would be just be too sweet to hear Yankees fans boo their team all season long. It would just be too sweet to watch the offseason ‘hype stripes’ not win games that every computer projection system had them winning.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking. Maybe it’s way too early to be talking about September. Maybe I should think about other things than the dumb Yankees. But, maybe it's not unrealistic to look at their upcoming schedule and think holy shit it’s kind of hard and they are playing like dogshit and they could end up digging themselves into a deep, shitty hole.

Here’s to the Yankees playing like garbage and the entire MLB world talking about it. Here’s to that…

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