Atkins Tweets: Stroman's Injury, The Stone Buddha, And The Roster!

February 28, 2018


The Blue Jays 'Arden Zwelling' beat is full on with Ross Atkins tweets, as the good ol' land of Blue Jays Twitter has been busy with juicy things that he said, so let's take a look.


And holy hell let's not get too dramatic about the shitty news that broke about Marcus Stroman's right shoulder inflammation, amirite? But, let's also keep our goddamn fingers crossed, or bang on some wood here folks because, ah, yeah, Stroman is kind of awesome and let's hope that it isn't that serious - it was reported earlier in the day that the MRI came back crystally-clear-clean folks. Atkins had this to say about it:



So Stroman might not get the ball Opening Day, but he'll be ready to help out early in the season, which is good. Knowing Stroman, he'll probably tell good ol' Gibbers that he will be ready on March 29th, I dunno - maybe just wishful thinking.


Atkins added:



Well, the good news is that the team is going to take all the right steps moving forward to make sure that this little, ugh, inflammation, is properly handled so that it doesn't become a reoccurring 2018 Pete Walker nightmare. 


Stroman, as we all know, is going to do everything he can to take the ball against the dumb Yankees on March 29th, but Atkins isn't about to rush the show of the Stro, as he makes it clear that there is no hard timeline:



Well, early into the season it is - I guess. So maybe Joe Biagini won't start in Buffalo after all - he might just be in the Blue Jays' rotation when the 2018 campaign begins, or maybe he will be in the bullpen, as some fans still believe, but I don't think it will be the latter, I dunno. 


And speaking of the bullpen, after the Blue Jays signed the Stone 'mother-f-ing' Buddha, Seung-Hwan Oh, fans got pretty excited about the fun pun play that can be had with the whole 'Oh' thing, but also because it's a great goddamn addition. Atkins got into a bit of the details about how it all went down:



And hell yeah, he should be able to help the club. Jeff Q from JfTC does a good job examining Oh's underlying stats, as he makes a case for a bounce back season. And the truth is, there really is no reason to believe that he couldn't be, at the very least, a decent guy for ol' Gibbers to shoot the index finger at in the pen. 


Now with the addition of Oh, Zeke was DFA'd by the Birds, so let's just take a moment and remember the great Zeke. Long. Live. Zeke. (This one is for you Cam Lewis)



Alright, moving on ... 


Atkins also said this about how many relievers the Jays would go with this season and what the bench will look like, not that we didn't already know the answer to begin with:



Oh, yeah, one more thing:



There is a lot of depth in the bullpen this year, and it will be interesting to see who takes the final two spots and makes the Opening Day 25-man roster, not that the Opening Day 25-man roster is that big of a deal anyway because the 25-man roster is always changing because injuries happen, shitty performances happen, and baseball just happens. And, I guess, that concludes my thoughts on how I feel about the Opening Day roster.


But, the good news is that things are starting to shape up and the more I start to think about what the Toronto FO did this offseason, the more I start to believe the Blue Jays could be close to a 90 win team. And that is as the millennials would say, cool AF. 










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