Frank Gunn's Spring Training Blue Jays Photos Are Seriously Awesome!

Most of us good ol’ Canadian schleps, who have to carry out our work duties to make ends meet, will not be able to head on down to Dunedin this Spring Training, where we all really want to be.

Instead, most of us will be waking up at the same time getting to some place to carry out duties, make some money and then go home. And that there folks is a goddamn noble existence and deserves a good ol’ pat on the hard-working back.

Hopefully you’re as lucky as I am and you enjoy what you do for a living, but if you don’t – that’s okay – because it’s better to be complaining about your job than to be complaining about not having a job – just sayin’. Actually, I think that’s what my awesome Slovenian grandma said to me when I was younger. She said a lot of cool things.

I digress. So if you’re like me and you wish that you could take time off to go down to Dunedin and watch the good Birds of Summer warm up for the season ahead, but can’t, then Frank Gunn’s photos will definitely fill the Spring Training void in you. In fact, if you’re not following @frankgunnphoto on Twitter, you should probably go and do that as soon as you’re done reading this post.

I pretty much get all of my Spring Training content through the good ol’ land of Twitter and Frank Gunn has been a big part of that. So I’d like to just take the time on this cold drab and gray February day here in Toronto – not sure what it’s like for the rest of you – and share some of the awesome work by Frank Gunn, who has done a great job capturing our Toronto Blue Jays.


I'm going to guess that this could be the same face Marcus Stroman might make while reading any article typed up by Steve Simmons, Steve Buffery, Rosie DiManno, and Jeff Blair. Anyway, moving on ...

Now, this here folks is something none of us should ever see in a game because Josh Donaldson always effing swings away and crushes balls. Period. The. End.

And then there is good ol' Joe ...

Ol' Gibbers working on the best damn lollygagging lean in the game. Proper legend.


And that concludes this Frank Gunn photo gallery session, so go follow the man on Twitter and enjoy what he captures down in Dunedin.

-The End-

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