Atkins 'Tweets': Stroman, Biagini, And Tulowitzki!

The Blue Jays beat is full on with its Ross Atkins tweets, as the good ol' land of Blue Jays Twitter has been busy with juicy things that he said, so let's take a look.

Now, it certainly was a bit of a dramatic Thursday, as Stroman tweeted what he did after losing his arbitration:

So, we've all read the Stroman tweet heard 'round the Blue Jays world that has now been deleted and it is definitely time for fans to move on and get back to being excited about all things baseball, amirite?

Here's what Atkins had to say about the Stroman tweet that spread across the Internet:

And I'm not sure what any of the 'shatkins' dipshits out there have to say about this, but Atkins did a pretty damn good job here saying all the right things, so let's just move on.

And if you're wondering why it's important to have veteran guys in the clubhouse, Curtis Granderson is here to remind you:

Damn right, Curtis. We're all looking forward to the gum-chewing, quick-pitching, shimmy-shimmy Stroman doing great things with that dancing slider of his this season - just sayin'.

And with the recent addition of Jaime Garcia there has been a whole lot of what the hell are the Blue Jays going to do with Biagini talk, which really isn't such a bad thing. But, Atkins fills us in:

And when I interviewed Atkins for Blue Jays Nation, this is what he had to say about Biagini:

Joe Biagini has been already a very solid acquisition for us and I think that there’s some information that suggests he could be our 5th starter and then, you know, ultimately, it will be time that tells because the sample size is small. So we would like to build around that depth and we’ll look to do that via trade and free agency for the remainder of the offseason and maybe even into the season – depending on how things go. But to now have Ryan Borucki, Thomas Pannone, Chris Rowley, Taylor Guerrieri, Luis Santos – we’re going to have a good story out of that group.

And the signs are certainly pointing in the direction that Biagini will be the 6th man down in Buffalo, so Buffalo Biagini it is, it seems.

And with the trade that sent Dominic Leone and 'wild thing' Conner Greene to the Cards for Randal Grichuck, the good Birds of Summer are going to have to fill that Leone hole in ol' Gibbers' pen.

Now, Gibbers might lean for Biagini to have a good ol' bullpen role this season, but Arden Zwelling wrote a great piece about Taylor Guerrieri and how he could potentially fill the Leone hole, and the way the baseball chips are starting to fall - it seems that he just might. And if this happens, that would then open up a spot in Buffalo's rotation for Biagini - not that he would need a spot to open up for him anyway.

Zwelling also mentions in his piece that Guerrieri met with the Blue Jays this winter and that the club asked him how he felt about the bullpen and he seems pretty cool and ready for, 'whatever they throw on his plate'.

So, maybe now with the addition of Jerry - I mean - Jaime Garcia, Biagini could find himself in Buffalo and Guerrieri in ol' Gibbers' pen, but who knows? One thing for damn sure is that the Blue Jays have finally added a starting pitcher.

There certainly are a lot of options here folks and that's not something to piss and moan about. Either way, the FO has built some depth, added depth, built around that depth, and then added more depth this offseason, so the goddamn baseball machine is fully padded with amenities for all the possible worst case Ontario situations.

Speaking of which, Atkins gently touched on Tulowitzki's injury:

Ah, sure, let's try to stay stupid happy positive here folks, but ... ugh. What else is Atkins really going to say, right? It's not like he's about to say it looks really shitty for Troy and that the bone spur that has been, ya know, causing him injuries is going to end his MLB career - or anything. The good news is that the team has depth this year and enough of it, but, seriously - 'Let's Go, Tulo!', no?

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