Mark Shapiro And Ross Atkins Should Do Everything They Can To Extend Josh Donaldson's Contract,

So it’s been an offseason that has seen many Blue Jays fans out there chiming in-and-out-and-in-and-out on the great Josh Donaldson debate.

Should the Blue Jays trade Donaldson? Should the Blue Jays extend Donaldson? Should Jon Heyman be a bit more responsible when choosing to type up some bullshit rumours? Probably. I mean, Jeff Blair isn’t really Josh Donaldson’s ‘friend’ – if, indeed, that was the ‘friend’ he was referring to in his Inside Baseball piece, but I’m going to guess it was for the hell of it.

It’s been an offseason of some Blue Jays fans saying not to re-sign JD, that these big contracts don’t work out, while other fans are saying the Jays should re-sign him, like – “holy shit are you kidding me - just pay the man. Extend. Josh Donaldson.”

I’d like to give my quick take on these reoccurring Donaldson questions:

Should the Blue Jays trade Josh Donaldson? No.

Should the Blue Jays extend Josh Donaldson? Yes.

So there you have it folks, my insightful quick response to the great debate amongst strangers who talk shit to one another in the lovely land of the Internet, but in all seriousness, what would the Blue Jays receive in some sort of trade for Donaldson at the trade deadline if the season went south?

Most definitely not some sort of king prospect ransom. Josh Donaldson is not going to be the bringer of prospects as a rental player and I’m not even sure what contending team would be seeking a 3rd baseman anyway.

Houston? They have Alex Bregman – albeit probably better suited for shortstop as the defensive metrics for him at 3rd aren’t a whole – 3 DRS awesome, but he’s young, has a ton of offensive upside, and I’d bet my goddamn condo on the fact that the Astros would not be looking to add JD at the trade deadline. Next.

The New York dumb Yankees? They are pretty ready to give their young Dominican star, Miguel Andujar, a real opportunity at the hot corner this year. And he has been a top prospect that many shitty Yankee fans have been excited about.

A lot of the stupid Yankee bloggers out there think that he is ready to be the starting 3rd baseman this year, and I’m pretty sure Brian Cashman is hoping this kid is in the dumb mix this spring training with Tyler Wade, Gleyber Torres, and Ronald Torreyes, too.

And let’s not forget – not like we have – that the Yankees are going to add Machado next offseason into their dumb new ‘Murderers’ Row’. Ugh, fucking Yankees. Anyway, moving on …

So, maybe, the stupid Sweet-Caroline-singing shitty Boston Red Sox? Maybe, they would trade for Donaldson at the trade deadline. Ah, I doubt it. They have Mr. Rafael Devers, who was promoted to the shitty big league club last July.

He is a bit of a phenom prospect and hit 10 dingers, 14 doubles, and knocked in 30 ol’ school RBIs in 58 games last season. The shitty writers in Boston are projecting that this kid will hit 30 + homers this year, so, ah, yeah – count the Red Sox out. And you can count them out on being in the Donaldson sweepstakes next offseason, as well.

Who does that leave us with? Cleveland? I’m going to have to guess that they’re probably pretty cool with utility infielder Jose Ramirez playing 3rd. I mean, he slashed .318/.374/.583, 145 OPS+ with 29 dingers and was worth 6.9 WAR, so, ah, yeah, you can count Cleveland out.

So what other contending teams would be looking to add JD into their lineup by the trade deadline if the Blue Jays completely sucked for some reason and were looking to sell – even though I think the good Birds of Summer will be in the Wild Card fun this season.

The Dodgers? Nope. I’m pretty sure they are pretty damn fine with Justin Turner. The Chicago Cubs? Nope, I think they like Kris Bryant. The Washington Nationals? They’re probably pretty cool with Anthony Rendon. The Brewers? Travis Shaw? I think Milwaukee is happy with how that trade worked out between them and the shitty Red Sox for their 3rd baseman. The Giants? Oh, yeah, Evan Longoria.

So who the hell else out there, who will be pushing for the playoffs, would need the service of Josh Donaldson and be willing to trade top-tier prospects for his short little rental service? Seriously, who?

So what should the Blue Jays do with the 2015 MVP? They should re-sign him, extend him, whatever the hell you want to call it. The Blue Jays FO has to do everything they can to keep JD in a Blue Jays uniform in 2019 and beyond. Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins have been very open in saying that it’s hard for them to imagine them being a better team without him and that is because it’s true.

And don’t give me the - he’s in his thirties type of shit - because his numbers aren’t going to dip so dramatically that it doesn’t work out for the organization. And if they do, it’s a gamble that is worth taking – just sayin’. He is a franchise player whose veteran experience is going to be essential to have around for guys like Vladdy Jr. and Bo Bichette.

And once the 40 million is off the books with Tulowitzki and Martin after 2019 and the club owes Tulo 14 million in 2020 – the payroll is going to open the hell up, especially with all the young future Blue Jays making their way into the Dome playing for pretty much nothing because of how screwed up the payment system is in the MLB. Anyway …

Lots of money will be available even if the Blue Jays extend Donaldson. And who knows, by the time Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman become free agents in 2021, the organization might even have enough of the cash-rules-everything-around-me-cream to extend the two of them. And if not both, at least, one of them – that’s for sure.

I’m not sure what the hell I’m going on about at this point because I’ve just jettisoned a big stream of something that you’re reading, but if you’re worried about the Rogers dollar, there is enough of it and then some for the Blue Jays to offer an extension to JD.

The Blue Jays FO weren’t able to extend Edwin Encarnacion last offseason and both parties are to blame on that one. And the truth is that in the end, it kind of worked out since the Blue Jays were able to draft Nate Pearson with the first round pick they got from Edwin signing with Cleveland.

But the FO really have to do their goddamn best to try to keep JD around and have him be a part of the organization moving forward.

Imagine this: it’s 2020 and the Blue Jays top of the order is Alford, Bichette, Vladdy Jr., and Donaldson – I think I like that sort of ‘Murderers’ Row’ to throw at the dumb Yankees.

The Blue Jays are going to be good in the future and they will be even better if they extend Josh Donaldson’s contract. So let’s make this happen FO, seriously.

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