It's Pretty Damn Cool That Nate Pearson Made Baseball America's Top 100 MLB Prospects List

As we all know by now, Baseball America released their 2018 Top 100 MLB Prospects list, and, of course, Vlad Jr. and Bo Bichette were ranked in the top 10, as these two are-you-kidding-me future Blue Jays have done nothing but make a shit ton of noise over the past year and seem to be on a path to being MLB All-Stars one day.

I know when it comes to prospects, it’s good to be cautious and a bit pessimistic because it’s really difficult to measure what kind of impact young talent could have in the MLB, but as an optimistic and enthusiastic person, I enjoy thinking about the potential of bright young stars.

Now, we all know that Anthony Alford was ranked 60th on this list, which I don’t think came as a surprise to any Blue Jays fan out there, but the one name on the top 100 that I think was the most rock n’ roll was that of Nate Pearson.

It’s pretty damn cool that the late-2017 first round draft pick for the good Birds of Summer has already started to show people that he might just be the real thing on the ol’ dirt hill.

The Blue Jays’ farm system is really just beginning to take form now, as the new FO continue their approach to adding talent into the pipeline.

I remember when I interviewed Mark Shapiro for Blue Jays Nation, he told me that he feels that they are far better today than they were a year ago, but that they still have a long way to go before they feel really good about their farm system.

And that’s not too bad at all, as Bleacher Report recently updated their farm system rankings at the start of 2018 and valued the Blue Jays’ system as the tenth best in the MLB. They ranked Vlad Jr, Bo Bichette, Anthony Alford, Nate Pearson, and Eric Pardinho as the top 5 Blue Jays prospects.

So when Mark Shapiro told me that they want to get waves of talent coming, to the point where they’ve got fifteen to twenty guys that they are excited about and feel good about – I think that’s something that should have Blue Jays fans out there putting on their Ray-Bans because the future is damn bright folks.

I remember Vancouver C’s pitching coach Jim Czajkowski telling me that at this point, Nate is better than Syndergaard was. Now, it took Syndergaard time to develop into the beast that he is today and the Mets organization did a great job turning him into the MLB pitcher that he is, but Pearson certainly seems to have all the right things going for him.

In a detailed report by Baseball America that featured the Blue Jays’ top 10 prospects, they ranked Pearson at number 4 and had this to say about the young man:

Pearson gives hitters an uncomfortable at-bat. He attacks them with downhill angle from his 6-foot-6 frame and pitches with a lively, heavy fastball that parked at 92-94 mph and touched 98 regularly in his college starts.

Czajkowski also told me that Nate has a hard breaking ball, his change-up was maybe a little too hard for the level that Vancouver is at because hitters were just trying to catch up to his fastball. But he believes that his change-up is a Major League pitch that will work better at the higher levels than it did at the lower levels.

Nate Pearson’s fastball has been clocked at 100 mph, and he is developing his secondary stuff that consists of a slider, curve ball, and change up. He is a sure bet to begin next season in Dunedin and probably finish the year with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

At this point in time, it's difficult to predict where Nate Pearson will fall on Baseball America’s Top 100 list next year, but my guess is that it will be much higher than 91.

I guess the only fun question that should be asked is: what future Blue Jays prospect(s) will join him?

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