It’s Official! Jay Bruce Is Not Going To Be A Blue Jay, Like Ever - Maybe!

I was going to write this up last night when the news broke that Jay Bruce signed with the New York Mets on a three-year, $39 million dollar deal, which holy shit is a pretty good contract (even though a bit heavy in the back end) to pick up a pretty damn good player.

The Mets will pay the man $10 million this year and $13 million the next two seasons from what I’ve read on the ol’ Internet.

And even though most Blue Jays fans are pretty damn excited that it’s absolutely official that Jay Bruce is not going to be a Blue Jay - and we can all move on from the damn rumours now - he could have fit just fine in the short term (like a short term 3-year plan) in the outfield for the Birds, but it’s not going to happen and as the millennials would say: That's cool AF.

The truth is Jay Bruce isn’t that bad at all, and he has put up some pretty damn decent offensive numbers since having knee surgery in 2014. The man hit 36 big bad dingers last year, had 101 ol’ school RBIs, .324 OBP, and 118 wRC+ - so not bad at all.


stuff can end. And. Breathe. It's over.

There will be no more headlines like this ...

Or this:

And this:

And this, too:

Or Tweets like this:


And this:

But there is this:

Anyway, moving on ...

So, now what? Where will the outfield rumour wind blow next? McCutchen? Cain? Yelich again and again? – Or Adam Duvall? Who knows? But one thing for sure is, the Jay Bruce era that never began is over, and that’s a reason to eat some cake and drink a beer.

Good luck and God-to-the-speed, Mr. Bruce.

And, more importantly, Happy Birthday, Blue Jays fans! Jay Bruce is not going to be a Blue Jay ...

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