Atkins Said Some Things

In a recent piece by Steve ‘buff the stuff’ Buffery, Atkins shares a fun story about how the Solarte deal went down. He said that they (Atkins’ family) sat on the tarmac for three hours and that was where he did the deal because of a collision between two planes on the ground at Pearson before they landed.

But after this quirky tale of how the deal (and thankfully not two planes) went down, Atkins spoke a bit about the offseason, so let’s just take a look at what he said.

“We’ll see,” Atkins said when asked about a possible logjam in the infield. “Let’s see what our roster looks like when we start the season. That will be a better time to work through that because right now there’s still work to be done on what the final 25-man and 40-man (rosters) look like to start the year. Health will be a factor, the rest of our acquisitions will be a factor. And then we’ll see. But having depth and having those challenges is where we want to be.”

Like I said in my recent piece about Devon Travis, the Blue Jays have a lot more infield depth today than they did last year at this time, and it is a good position for the team to be in. And even though many Jays fans out there are frustrated with the offseason so far, it really has only begun, and it’s important to remember that.

The fact that the Blue Jays now have depth allows them to be creative both in the trade market, and with their roster. The Blue Jays may have a ‘logjam’ in the infield, but it is a damn good jam, and the kind of jam that won’t have to play the Ryan Goins tune every day. And even though the team has improved in the infield, there certainly are some serious holes in the outfield that need to be addressed.

Atkins reiterated that the Jays are looking to add more this off-season and it seems likely the club will acquire a major league outfielder before the start of the 2018 campaign.

“I’m confident that we will add significant pieces,” he said. “There’s a lot of different ways to make our team better.”

There definitely isn’t anything new here, but it should reassure fans that the FO aren’t finished, and that they do understand that they need to add ‘significant pieces,’ for whatever that is worth for some of you.

Now, I think that fans should probably understand that the team won’t be able to afford a player like Cain, but there are other MLB options out there.

I’m not about to try to figure out who they have their eye on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jay Bruce rumour started up again.

(Ed. And since typing this up, Jay Bruce has signed a three-year, 39 million deal with the Mets - so how do you like them apples, New York?)

However, I’m pretty sure it won’t be Lorenzo Cain, Andrew McCutchen, or Christian Yelich who are added to the roster by spring training - just sayin' for the sake of sayin'.

It’s safe to assume that the FO is not comfortable rolling out Pearce/Zeke, Pillar, and Teoscar to start the season, so it will be interesting to see what they eventually do to upgrade the 2018 outfield.

But seriously, don’t fret all you fans who want to see a major move now. The offseason has plenty of time left, as Atkins is here to remind you:

“Let’s see how our off-season is when it’s over,” he said. “And over is kind of halfway through spring training. Let’s see where we are like halfway through spring training or at the start of spring training before we really assess our off-season.”

Now, listen to the man and be patient, and howl into the void when all is said and done. At this point in time, your guess is as good as mine as to what the Blue Jays’ next move will be.

One thing for sure is that the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind – and sooner rather than later it will be spring training and we will have a better idea of the 2018 roster, and whether or not the Jays can keep pace in the big bad American League.

But until then, stop pissing and moaning about the Blue Jays doing nothing this offseason, it’s January – that, in itself, is bad enough.

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