Could Atkins Trade Josh Donaldson To The Atlanta Braves For All Of Their Prospects?

So ever since the percipient Dave Cameron thought up an interesting trade scenario over at FANGRAPHS involving the Blue Jays and the Cards, Bird fans have been humming and ‘cawing’ over this idea:

From Toronto’s perspective, trading Donaldson for Gyorko and Carpenter would give them a projected starting infield of Gyorko, Tulowitzki, Carpenter, and Justin, with Travis around to play second against some tough lefties until he proves durable enough for an expanded role. And, perhaps just as interestingly, it gives the team significantly better alternatives for when Tulowitzki isn’t in the line-up.

And from the Jays’ perspective, when you add up all the wins above replacement projections, consider the infield flexibility in return, it seems that the Blue Jays would be getting two players that can collectively contribute as much as Josh Donaldson - sort of.

Now, the thing that I’m thinking is the Cardinals might not be so willing to trade Gyorko and Carpenter for Donaldson, who is in the final year of his contract – so there’s that too.

So what should the good ol’ Birds do with Donaldson? Hmm … Well, they definitely could offer the man an extension in the new year that he would most likely turn down, and then, of course, let the are-you-kidding-me WAR machine and bringer of awesome just start the season as the damn 3rd baseman.

I mean, c’mon, this core group of players deserves that April, May, and June window to show the FO that they have another run in them, don’t they? And, personally, I still want the damn team to just extend his contract because he’s Josh goddamn Donaldson, but the reality is that he might walk at the end of next season if he isn’t traded at the trade deadline.

Now, let me just flip my satirical sarcastic I'm-just-joking-around switch and put my percipient Dave Cameron cap on, so let's figure out a Braves trade for Josh Donaldson.

So in this wonderful season of no baseball, which is the most terrible time of the year, any MLB rumbling is a major headline. And when Alex Anthopoulos was hired by the Atlanta Braves, this news spread quickly around the world of Twitter and beyond.

And since becoming ‘the baseball man’ deep in the south, he has moved quickly turning this USA franchise into hoser nation by hiring assistant Blue Jays GM Andrew Tinnish - and I’m sure he has some more filthy tricks up his sleeve to bring in people, who he trusts and values, to work with him – what a joke, eh!

So right now as it stands AA, Tinnish, and Perry Minasian, who was a Jays scouting director hired by the Braves before AA landed his gig there, have all been reunited in this evil Atlanta empire.

(Ed. Since writing this 'sarcastic' piece on Thursday morning, I've caught a Friday-night-I'm-three-ciders-in wind that Tinnish will remain with the Blue Jays because of family reasons. So, ah, yeah, okay, back to my Thursday morning ramblings now where I pretend that the Blue Jays FO could trade Donaldson for all of Atlanta's prospects ...)

Now, we all know that AA is trying to turn the Atlanta Braves into the ANTHlanta jAAys, so I think that it’s time for our American run Blue Jays FO to get on the offensive and strike early by fleecing the Braves from all of their prospects.

All. Of. Their. Prospects.

The entire MLB world knows that AA is a man who loves power and trading young talent. He isn’t a patient person and needs to see immediate results and he will do so by any means necessary.

By. Any. Means. Necessary.

I mean look at how he gutted the Blue Jays farm system, and for what? 2015 - like that was fun for any of us. The team didn’t even get to the World Series, it was a complete waste of time, and the bat flip is overrated.


So since AA is hungry – as the millennials would say – AF to win now and turn Atlanta into Toronto. I think that it is incredibly realistic that AA will offer all of the Braves’ prospects for Josh Donaldson.

All. Of. The. Braves. Prospects.

I’m thinking that the deal might look like this: Josh Donaldson to Atlanta for SS Dansby Swanson, SS/2B Ozzie Albies, LHP Sean Newcomb, LHP Kolby Allard, RHP Ian Anderson, and RHP Mike Soroka.

I mean, of course, Anthopoulos might actually throw in Nick Markakis too – I think that just goes without saying. So this just might be how the Braves could get Josh Donaldson.

And who knows, maybe just maybe, AA might even give Atkins a list of other prospects in Atlanta's farm - sort of like a menu at an all you can eat sushi restaurant, in which, Atkins could just check off with his pencil certain players to add to the package the Jays would get in return for JD.

All. You. Can. Eat. Sushi.

And realistically, if the Blue Jays are out of it come the trade deadline next season, I’m sure that AA just might reach out to his ol’ team and inquire about Tulowitzki too.

Troy. Tulowitzki.

So to conclude, it sure will be interesting to see what other dirty little tricks this AA Blue Jays troll has up his Canadian tuxedo sleeves in Atlanta to bring in his Toronto cronies and players, but I do believe that the Blue Jays FO might be able to capitalize on this and trade Josh Donaldson for all of their prospects.

All. Of. Their. Prospects.

(Note to the reader: This rant was hyperbolic, satirical jokes – 2015 was awesome, wouldn’t trade it for a thing, and the bat flip is one of the greatest moments in Blue Jays’ history. Jose Bautista is a GOAT! And congrats to AA for his new gig too!)

And since there is no damn baseball right now *sigh*, here's the bat flippin' clip of awesome for you to enjoy:

 bat flips are poetic
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