I’m Not Sure About You, But I Miss Baseball (Serenity Now)

This is the time of the year when you can catch up on some good ol’ fashion reading folks. I say pick up a novel, read some good line-by-line thought that isn’t boring – or doesn't come across as pretentious. And enjoy.

I know it’s hard not to wonder about what the Blue Jays are going to do this offseason, but my best advice for you is to just periodically check to see if the club has made any real moves.

Because the truth is at this point it’s all going to be bullshit until it’s not. And some fans are going to continue to not to be happy with the way that the FO operates too. If they don’t make a trade, they should’ve made a trade. If they make a trade, how could they trade that guy. If they don’t sign a big free agent, they should’ve signed a big free agent and blah blah blah goes the Blue Jays world.

And I get it, we’re all die hard (Bruce Willis style) fans of the team - who have nothing more to do than gossip like little tweens in the internet hallway - and shoot the baseball breeze about what the FO needs to do to make the Birds better because there is nothing else to do at this point in time.

So let the lame noise begin.

The Blue Jays have reached out to Lorenzo Cain. The Blue Jays are courting Shohei Otani. The Blue Jays should trade Kevin Pillar. The Blue Jays should extend Josh Donaldson's contract. The Blue Jays should not extend Josh Donaldson's contact. The Blue Jays should trade Josh Donaldson now, or at the trade deadline next year when-the-team-is-completely-out-of-it and blah blah blah goes the Blue Jays world.

It’s hard to find anyone who actually says something at this time of the year, even though so many are saying so much. It’s been line-by-line yawns written by most of the Blue Jays sites out there.

I miss baseball.

Serenity now.

And even though so many writers seem to be staring into the magic crystal ball of clicks offering their ‘what should the Blue Jays do thoughts’, we all have one thing in common and that is, of course, we want the team to get better for next year and the future years to come.

You can argue for or against Cain. You can dream big on Stanton. And all you may want for Christmas is Shohei Otani – and, yes, that would be the greatest goddamn thing that could happen this offseason so please FO make this happen – or maybe you want them to extend Josh Donaldson’s contract – and again, yes, that would be the greatest goddamn thing that could happen this offseason too.

So sign Shohei Otani.

And extend Josh Donaldson’s contract.

Serenity now.

My magic crystal ball says these two moves will put this team in a great position for 2018 and into the beautiful future is bright years, as well. But the chances of that happening are probably as good as me being a dedicated Catholic and attending mass every Sunday – so there’s that too.

( And if you didn’t know, my magic crystal ball was given to me by my great aunt, who got it as a gift from Rance Mulliniks’ old Slovenian barber from the 1980s. So it does have some kind of strong moustache virile performance of something.)

And who knows, maybe I will pull it out and use it to try and type up some kind of the Blue Jays should trade 'certain player' type of pieces too. And who the hell knows, maybe some things I'm reading out there will actually happen.

Now, listen I’m not trying to shit all over the Blue Jays blog world, these guys and gals have to write up offseason thoughts and generate some daily content.

It’s just that a lot of articles are filled with sentences of yawns. Not all of them, but a lot of them. And it’s just kind of, ya know, lame.

This is sadly a good time to just binge watch some junk on Netflix, read a great book, or play a video game if that’s what you’re into.

I miss baseball.

Serenity now.

It’s hard Blue Jays fans, I know, but the pages being posted on the internet will fill your head with strange thoughts just written by everyday humans who know as much as you when it comes to what the team should or shouldn’t do. Well, maybe some of them do actually know a lot more than the average fan, but when it comes to what the FO is going to do – your guess is as good as theirs.

The thing is, we all want the team to improve next year while keeping an eye on the even more important future. It’s a time to practice patience and channel your inner peace – or some kind of Frank Costanza ‘serenity now’ to get through these November days.

The Blue Jays are going to reach out to multiple players and teams, so don’t get excited by some lame ass tweets. Every team is reaching out and inquiring - that’s what this time of the year is all about.

It is important to think realistically about this offseason jive and to not be critical of ShapIro and Atkins as much as some of you have been. The FO has just begun their journey and not enough time has passed to be able to make a fair assessment of them. And, yes, I know, the Kendrys Morales signing is questionable and big millennial meh, but it might not be as bad as you think – or maybe it is, I dunno.

Anyway, it’s the terrible tale of if they act early like last season, it’s the wrong play. If they don’t act at all, it’s the wrong play. It’s always just going to be the wrong play for some of you. And who knows, maybe Atkins will surprise you ninja style and make some moves that no one could have seen coming this offseason.

And maybe they will sign Lorenzo Cain and maybe they will trade Kevin Pillar and maybe Otani will land in Toronto and maybe and maybe and maybe and maybe and maybe it's just bullshit season, so let the rumors begin.

And maybe.


My advice is to take a deep breath folks, let this offseason run its course, play the GM from the couch, and watch Netflix while you’re there too. But if you are feeling frustrated by life without baseball like I am, just remember …

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