Remembering the GOAT - What is your best Jose memory?

How does one define a proper legend? I guess it really all depends on time and specific moments that happened and the ‘who’ that was apart of them– maybe, I dunno.

It could be someone close to you who continues to inspire and be there for you, who will live in you forever even when they are gone, as you continue on in this brief spin of life we’re all somehow connected to together. In a way we are all our own legends, working hard to leave something behind once our time is up, and sharing what we can with the one’s we care for the most.

I’ve never really been one to believe that any human is in some way better than any other no matter how great one’s accomplishments may be, but I do believe in legendary moments and the people who delivered them. And Jose Bautista is a person who delivered many of these defining moments that, I believe, will live on in many of us.


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