Kind Of Blue Sessions: Talkin’ Blue Jays, Expos, The Past and The Future with Expos Beat Writer

I was walking around the streets of downtown Toronto the other night after a couple drinks at The Rex, where I had listened to a brass band of awesome, and while foot cruising the sidewalks, I started to wonder about baseball — and different things, I guess. I wasn’t maudlin around in a haze, I felt good from the music and a chat that I’d with an older guy at the bar who was a big Expos fan. He still dreams of the day when the franchise comes back to Montréal.

As I was walking home and taking in the city buzz from all the fan-boys-and-girls who have come to Toronto to get a glimpse of some kind of movie star type, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of the inevitable — that being the return of the Expos. I wondered what division they would play in when they came back. Wouldn’t it be cool if they moved to the AL East and battled the Blue Jays all season long? Or would the Toronto/Montreal rivalry lose its novelty over the years — which would make their home in the NL East the most suitable destination for their return. If they ended up in the NL East again, a Canada Day series with Montreal every year may be more fun to watch than if the two teams met a bunch of times during the regular season. Who knows? These were just thoughts I had.


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