So The 2018 Blue Jays Bullpen Should Rock The Damn Casbah

September 14, 2017


So what good has come out of the 2017 Blue Jays season? Really? It’s been a big millennial wtf that morphed into a lmao, hasn’t it? But there have been some good story lines that have grown out of the pile of manure that was dropped on the team this year.


Side note: Poor ol' Gibbers for having to deal with the dung that 'mother baseball' served him up this year.


But there has been one pretty bat flippin’ awesome takeaway for the season though, and that, of course, is the fact that the Blue Jays are going to head into the 2018 season with a pretty damn impressive bullpen. Damn it – I will just say it, or type it … whatever, but here goes it: the Birds might head into the 2018 season with one of the best bullpens in the American League. There. I said it.


I think we can all agree that next year’s cost effective are-you-kidding-me bullpen should be the Blue Jays’ emoji bicep, which will be flexed by Osuna, Tepera, Leone, Barnes, Ramirez, Mayza, Dermody, and Luis Santos - so not bad at all, am I right?


And all of this talent comes at a relatively cheap cost which means the Toronto FO can allocate the - cash, rules, everything, around, me – C.R.E.A.M … Get the money, dollar, dollar bill y’all – to other needs that should be addressed in the offseason.


So I’ve been wanting to right about this good 2018 bullpen story for about a week now, but I kept putting it off to write other things – or to just binge watch season 3 of Narcos and, guess what? The good ol’ Maverick, Richard Griffin, from the Toronto Star quick pitched me to it. And that’s fine, it happens a lot, and he is the Griff and a goddamn maverick, so let’s take a look at his thoughts about this 2018 bullpen to be:


There is a distinct possibility that next season the Jays could have one of the deepest and most effective bullpens in the AL, even with the highest-paid pitcher being closer Roberto Osuna, who will be arbitration eligible. With his impressive save total — despite his league-leading 11 blown saves — he could earn around $7 million (U.S.) on a one-year deal. Nobody else will be close to earning that.


And, indeed, the Maverick is right folks – this type of money-saved-talk will have ShapIro swooning during the offseason. When potentially the strongest aspect of your team is going to come at a bargain, well, pop open the champagne and spend a little money signing Josh Donaldson in the offseason, no? C’mon, why the hell not? Who knows how this JD storyline is going to unfold, but something tells me it’s not an easy one to predict. That's probably not where the money is going to go, but that's a whole other topic. Let’s just continue on with the Griff, as he continues to look at the system of checks and balances:


The left side is where the Jays are seriously checking out their options. Loup has been the dean of the bullpen, but if he remained with the Jays, with five-plus years of service time, he would be entering his free-agent year in 2018. Loup would likely earn about $2.5 million, even in arbitration, but if Mayza and Dermody are ready to fill Toronto’s lefty specialist roles, then that could be money saved with Loup.


And sure this makes sense, I mean, believe it or not I like Loup – I think that he has taken one too many boos here in Toronto, but he’s not bad at all. However, if Dermody and Mayza can be the left handed arms for ol’ Gibbers moving forward, and the team can save money, well, thanks for the service Loup and Godspeed.


The Maverick continues to break down the numbers like he’s the CFO for Rogers, no, seriously, he does:


Recall the Jays last winter believed they would be contenders for a third straight post-season berth, and as such added veteran relief help to contribute in a setup role. They picked up Jason Grilli’s $3-million option and signed lefty J.P. Howell and righty Joe Smith for $3 million each. All three of those pitchers were gone by mid-season, along with the $13-million owed to lefty starter Francisco Liriano for his final season; Liriano was traded to Houston at the deadline.


That’s $22 million the Jays will be able to allocate elsewhere next season, simply from the four departed pitchers.


And cue the ShapIro/Atkins SWOON song because it’s – gonna take money, a whole lot of spending money, it’s gonna take plenty of money, to do it right – right? C’mon a little George Harrison? He was the coolest Beatle. Anyway, moving on, but it’s true.


In this fine piece thought up and typed by the Maverick, he even includes a good quote from ol’ Gibbers who reflects on Mayza and overlooks the shaky outings he’s had since being called up. Now, let's cue our good ol' TV Dad, Gibbers:


“He’s got everything he needs to be a dominating left-handed reliever in the big leagues,” Gibbons said of the 25-year-old Mayza. “There’s a couple of outings he’s been hit around, a little wild. That inflated some things, but I’ve talked to some managers he’s had in the minor leagues. They’ve said that once he feels he belongs, gets comfortable, that’s just his personality. He thrives.


“That’s why I think it’s important we get him innings out there, let him pitch and have some success so he can feel good. His stuff is as good as any left-hander you’re going to see out there. But he’s got to prove to himself that he can do this.”


And isn’t that the truth. Now, with an effective Mayza and Dermody as the lefty options moving forward, it’s kind of hard not to like the potential that the Birds have with these two young talents.


The rest of Griff’s piece moves into an interview with Mayza, so go click here and read this fine article. The Maverick concludes with this one money line:


Now it’s up to Jays president Mark Shapiro and GM Ross Atkins to put that money saved from the 2018 no-name bullpen to good use elsewhere.


And I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Griffin, and I’m sure most fans are nodding their heads to this thought, as well. So even though this has been a year of mostly dog shit stories, there has been a hopeful light that has come from the 2017 season and that’s the future 2018 bullpen. And, heck, maybe if the FO can find a better option than Biagini as their 5th man in the rotation once they, of course, sign Estrada – Biagini back in the pen would just strengthen this weapon that ol’ Gibbers is going to shoot his index finger at with confidence, don’t you think?


I’m not sure what the FO’s options are with signing a SP in the offseason as it's a pretty weak class this year, but maybe they have some kind of trick up their sleeve. Who knows? – Or maybe they are set on Biagini in that role as the 5th man. Only time will tell as the offseason stories slowly begin to reveal themselves from the shadows.


At the end of the day one of my favourite writers, Kurt Vonnegut, said this, “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”


And I’m pretty sure that’s what I just did in this piece, hopefully it doesn’t stink, and if it does, cool. At least I farted around today, you?











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