There's Nothing Better Than Your First ... Blue Jays Memory

There’s a whole lot of something to be said about nothing in these days we keep on spinning into year after year. And with the way that things have been going lately in this conflicted world — a world that struggles with what seems to be so simple and as right as a piece of apple pie after Sunday dinner — it’s probably important to just take a little time to remember the times when.

We all find peace in different ways, from casting the summer line into the lake, golfing with your pals, taking the good car for a spin, binge watching Netflix — or, of course, watching the beautiful game of baseball and our Toronto Blue Jays.

At least, we try to make it peaceful. Many of us Blue Jays fans do like to disagree with each other within the many threads that allow us all to post our baseball thoughts online. We can all go to Fangraphs and search out the sabermetrics for different players to use as evidence to back up our thoughts and make our opinions stronger than someone else’s — hopefully, though not always, all in good fun. But as much as we may disagree with one another as we sit behind screens hacking the Blue Jays’ ‘should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve-s’, there’s one thing that we all hold close to the ol’ baseball heart, and that’s our memories. Especially our first memories. And it’s these memories that we collect throughout these long days that hold more value than any paycheque ever will.


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