Blue Jays Lose Again, Rally Cap Sighs, and the Wu-Tang Clan Don’t Have Shit On MLB Umpires

… So what the hell do I write about today? I guess I could go on a long rant about how shitty it is that the Blue Jays have lost 4-games in a row and how the team is fucked because they don’t have adequate pitchers hurling from the 4 and 5 spot in the rotation, BUT Arden Zwelling might have went for that low hanging fruit already over at Sportsnet. Hmm …

… What to do? What to say? It sure as hell was complete dogshit watching the top of the 9th last night with the hope that the Birds might actually rally back and force the game into extra innings. I mean, I guess, I could write about what the hell ol’ Gibbers was thinking when he didn’t set up some kind of a Joe Maddon squeeze-the-shit-out-of-it type of roll the goddamn dice play to try to use Rob Refsnyder’s speed to tie the game. But, really, why the hell would he do that with a certain someone waiting on deck, I mean, c’mon.

It’s just that I had high hopes that Refsnyder would end up crossing that plate with one out and him standing beside Buck and Pat’s favourite baseball child Longoria at 3rd. I mean, damn it, I kind a liked the odds even though Barney was at the plate. I just thought shit man this could happen, and nothing happened. Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.

Actually, a Barney out happened with a Rob holding steady at 3rd. That is what happened. But, I think, I know what ol’ Gibbers had up his sleeve and that was his Ryan Bruce fucking RISP Lee in the batters box.

I’m sure Gibbers was like let’s not run some kind of nifty little league play, let’s get Mr. Clutch up and have him drive in that important run. Oh well, and so the woe story goes …

So what the hell should I write about? Hmm … I could turn my head to the future and talk about how awesome Vlad Jr. is doing:

But I guess I will save that for another day, but holy shit he’s so damn good. So. Good.

Damn it … think man, what can you go on about … oh, that Biagini start in Buffalo. Yeah, remember Biagini. I miss that guy. Funny guy. Strange, but cool. How the hell is he doing down in Buffalo:

That’s good. Strikes are cool. Go Joe.

What else happened that’s worth mentioning? A-Ha (and not the band) but this play on pop culture may work well because the men in black (and not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) don’t like it when MLB ballplayers take on them – or me, fuck it, anyway ..

So we all know that MLB Umpires are officially the bruised and battered. The wristband brothers. They have now become the Ian Kinsler said some hurtful shit to Angel Hernandez united front of the Umpire Galactic Empire, so let’s just cue the Imperial March theme song:

Now we all know that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with, but I say fuck that Wu-Tang you don’t have shit on the New World Ump Order in the MLB. This badass group of men in black will fuck shit up harder than any ruckus that Method Man could ever lyrically dream up.

So last night Kevin Pillar walked past Chad Fairchild and said some shit and then Fairchild was like wristband this Pillar, ‘Get the hell out of here!’ And like that another one bites the dust. The MLB Umps sure are stirring it up this year.

And the Blue Jays sure know all about the major players in this NWO style umping as the men in black lead by Vic Carapazza, Angel Hernandez, Dale Scott, Jim Wolf (pack) and company take it to teams and players around the league.

So I think the wristband message is clear. Damn it, I miss the good ol’ days when MLB Umps had a pair and would take on any MLB manager or player in a good ol’ fashion spit yelling match that left all the fans entertained. Lou Piniella style, of course.

Anyway … So what the hell should I write about? Think damn it … not much. I'll just listen to this instead:

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