... So Did You Forget That Roberto Osuna Is Only 22

The kid is only 22. That’s right. Twenty-two. He was born February 7th, 1995. Yes, 1995. Five days after Osuna was born, Billy Madison hit the ol’ box office grossing $6,639,080. That’s right and believe me, ‘It’s too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin’ around here.’ And Osuna is too damn young to be this damn good.

And the number one song when Osuna was born was TLC’s ‘Creep’, so, ahh … yeah, go 90’s. And when Osuna celebrated his first birthday, there is a good damn possibility that ‘One Sweet Day’ by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men might have been rockin’ on the ol’ radio that day too.

So just in case you forgot, Roberto Osuna is only 22.

The kid has had 8 blown saves this year and I’m not sure you can really count the one from this past Sunday as his fault since he did record 3-outs. It’s a difficult task to get 5-outs in 1 inning. I have a feeling that even the great Terminator Tom Henke would agree with me. Raffy Lopez had the worst professional inning of his career, he owned up to it in the scrum, and it’s time to move on.

And, yes, one could argue that the Blue Jays would be in a playoff position if Osuna rocked the mound like a 2016 Zach Britton, but that’s a bit much to ask, don’t you think? Sure the Jays would be in a much better place if the kid … let’s say, had only 4 blown saves this year, but that’s not the case now is it.

He didn’t get to have a spring training this year and was, of course, on the disabled list with a sore neck. So it should come as no surprise that the kid blew 3 saves in 6 chances in April. And, ya know what? Shit happens. He came back and put together a dominant run of 22 saves in a row, which is the fourth longest in Birds history and just 3 behind the motherfucking Terminator Tom Henke who set the badass record in 1991.

Roberto Osuna is the best damn young closer in this great game. According to FANGRAPHS, he’s worth a 2.6 WAR, has a 1.49 FIP and 2.50 xFIP this year. He’s currently 3rd on their leader board among relievers behind Craig Kimbrel and Kenley Jansen. And he’s only TWENTY-TWO.

And to really put things into perspective, RHP prospect Nate Pearson who has been getting some Vancouver praise lately (yes, Vancouver, miles away from the MLB) is 21. RHP and 6th ranked Blue Jays prospect T.J. Zeuch is 22. RHP Sean Reid-Foley 21. RHP Conner Greene is 22. And LHP prospect Ryan Borucki is 23.

And all these great young future is bright Blue Jays pitching prospects are all roughly the same age as Osuna. So I think that it is really important to just remember that the kid is only 22. Yes, he’s 22 and he’s one of the best closers in the game. And that is a fact.

So if you ever find yourself typing nonsense about this young prodigy, just stop and take a moment to think will ya. Young stars like Osuna don't just fall into a baseball organization everyday, and he will be a major piece moving forward in the future as the Blue Jays look to capture their 3rd World Series championship one glorious damn day.

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