Blue Jays Thoughts: Running Into The Brick Wall And The Road Ahead

Last week, Josh Donaldson’s bat was shredding pitchers like the way Eddie Van Halen can shred a guitar. It made the Blue Jays disbelievers become total Wild Card optimists.

The Bringer of Rain woke up, and with it so did a new hope. The Jays took the series against the Rays and then landed in Wrigley’s Field. And the sea of blue that followed these good Birds to Chicago was a damn cool thing to see. However, what started off as a cute road trip and baseball vacation for many Blue Jays fans sure did get ugly real fast.

Kevin Pillar and the good Birds hit the Wrigley brick wall and got swept by the World Series champions. And, yes, the games were wildly exciting and, I’m sure, incredibly frustrating for ol’ Gibbers to manage as Joe Maddon and the Cubs had the National League advantage.

So where do the Birds go from here? Last week’s buzz was ‘so you’re saying they have a chance’ and after hitting the bricks this weekend, the tune might just be a bit different. But thank the good Lord in the baseball sky that the Birds are back to play some real baseball in the American League.

So this week the Jays travel to the horror that follows them to the Trop. But the good news is that Marco Estrada doesn’t have to pitch against his woeful foe. On Tuesday night, Chris Rowley will take on Archer and we can hope that they can pick up a damn win, can’t we? I mean, damn it, why not take back this past weekend with a sweep against the shitty Rays, right?

Stroman shimmy shakes on Wednesday night against Austin meh Pruitt and then J Hip I mean Happ hits the dirt hill for a 1:10 start against Alex the turf toe Cobb on Thursday. So hopefully, the Jays can at least take two-out-of-3 against the Rays, which would give them a record of 61 – 66 as they head back ‘Dome’. (Am I really writing about a possible road to .500 again?!?!)

And, yeah, it’s hard not to let out an old fashion cuss like fuck when thinking about this team just reaching the goddamn .500 mark just once in this holy shit are-you-kidding-me season, right?

But if the Jays can manage to steal 2 wins in the stupid horrific stadium where the Rays play baseball and comeback and take on the shitty Twins and take another 2-out-of-3, well, then they would be 63 – 67 when John bobblehead Farrell brings his shitty Sox to the Dome. And a big thumbs down to you, John Farrell, FOR-EV-ER!

Now, the fact of the matter - besides John Farrell being trash - is, who the hell knows if this team has been completely forked by running into the brick wall in Chicago, but that just might be the case. This team has oscillated from one end of the spectrum to the other and with it, our emotions too. I don’t know if they will ever reach that damn .500 mark this season, but holy shit if they do, I will drink to that.

After the Jays take on the Red Sox, they fly south and land on the wire in Baltimore to fight Buck the ninny Showalter and his sourpuss birds of trash. And guess what? By then, we will be in September, the CNE will soon be wrapping up in Toronto, the kids back to the learning centre, and the Blue Jays could still probably not be at .500 and ... so the story goes.

But if they can manage to win some series and with the teams ahead of them being complete shit, maybe Wild Card buzz will hum in the September air. But I’ll tell you this, the good Birds of summer play Boston from August 28th – 30th, Baltimore August 31st to September 3rd, and then (in) Boston from the 4th to the 6th, so that’s some tough AL East baseball to play in some must win games.

Either way, summer is nearing its end; the Birds have some ball to play, so I say enjoy what’s left of the season because sooner than later the only sports sounds you will be hearing are ‘HUT!’, ‘he shoots he scores’, and sneakers squeaking on the hardwood floor. And that’s fine, but those sounds have nothing on – PLAY BALL! – that’s for sure.

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