Jerry Howarth Talking Sense About Estrada And All Things Birds

So the great Jerry Howarth was on the Jeff Blair show and had some damn sensible things to say, especially about what the organization should do with Marco Estrada. And, well, if you read what I have to say, you know what I think about this, as I mentioned last week in a post:

Listen, it’s only the middle of August, the Birds are somehow only 4-games back from the 2nd Wild Card spot, and ol’ Gibbers needs a starting rotation. So if they are going to remove one of the three capable arms out of the rotation now, well, goddamn it, it better be worth it. But I have a better idea, why not keep him in the rotation, and hope for some meaningful September baseball.

So should the Toronto Blue Jays trade Marco Estrada? What the hell do you think? I say no. Sign. Him.

And good ol’ Jerry feels the same way too, as he told Jeffery Blair this:

“The best thing the Blue Jays can do is sign him up for another couple of years with maybe an option for a third year and put him in there with Stroman, Happ, Sanchez, and Biagini … and then you’re on your way with five good starters.”

And, yeah, that’s a nice rotation to have heading into the 2018 season with more pitching depth now in the system who will be one year closer to the show, just in case, ya know, injuries happen.

He then goes onto talk about the importance of just having a good dude on your team, as Marco Estrada is just that:

“There is no substitute for character and somebody that you want on your team aside from what he does in between the lines.”

And isn’t that the damn truth. I mean, of course, what happens in between the lines is damn important, but it’s also just as important to have the right type of personalities in the clubhouse as well.

Good ol’ Jerry then goes on to talk about late 90’s vintage Blue Jay, Woody Williams, and how he was traded to San Diego for Joey Hamilton, which became one of the poorest trades in the history of the good Birds franchise. And it really is.

The wise and awesome Howarth says that (aside from the talent) it’s because Woody was an outstanding person, character, had modesty and could pitch too - much like Marco Estrada. Williams, of course, became a big star with the Padres and even bigger star with the St. Louis Cardinals.

But what the good man is getting at is that Marco can pitch, is a great human, and he has the right type of character for the clubhouse. And the clubhouse needs to be filled with the right people because who the hell wants to hang around a bunch of asshole bros with shitty attitudes for six months of the year, you?

And the fact is that Marco can still pitch. So it’s kind of one of those check. check. check ... kind of things. Don’t you think?

Howarth then says something rather well thought out again because he’s Jerry fuckin’ Howarth, and, this time, it was about Troy Tulowitzki:

“He can still play short, for me, his range is not quite what it was, and his hitting and hitting with RISP is not the Tulowitzki that he was for ten years. However, having said that, he’s a pretty good shortstop.”

And indeed he is and he will be just fine in that position next year. The Birds just need a better replacement than Ryan Goins who has done his gosh darn best there (and I can think of few prospects in the system), but just isn’t able to put up steady productive numbers at the plate and really isn’t the guy who should be there everyday.

Although, Howarth does like Goins as a replacement player as he said that he likes him at short and second and that his hitting has come around considerably as it’s off the charts with RISP.

Off the charts? Yeah, I guess it kind of is, but, yeah, a little bit excited here about the hitting coming around considerably, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not taking the piss out of Goins. I like him. He doesn’t bother me. And this RISP thing he’s got going on this year is pretty cool, but, ahh, yeah – not everyday. Anyway moving on …

The good voice then continued to talk about how some people may feel that Justin Smoak is this years MVP, but for him it is Devon Travis who has only really played one month. And, of course, in that month of May the team went 18 – 10 and he was defensively pretty rock n’ roll and offensively goddamn heavy metal.


Moving on ...

And the bottom line is that last night with Mike Ohlman behind home, Refsnyder at second, and Barney at short, it’s really hard for the team to have all of these replacement players up the damn middle and succeed.

Yes, the injuries have absolutely derailed this team and it’s just turned into the same rhetoric that hurts the damn ears. It’s about as bad as dance music – or EDM, I dunno, whatever the hell it’s called, but it’s shit.

And to end it all off, Howarth (being old school) said that he thinks that a Marcus Stroman who can stay in control of his emotions on the mound and not let a player like, ahh, you know, the Pirates’ John Jaso get to him is key to his future success.

Good ol’ Jerry liked the way Stroman handled himself against Mr. Hair, as he did not let Jaso stir him up – that impressed the shit out of Howarth.

Personally, I love Stroman just how he is and I think that however he chooses to act on the mound while he is in the moment is just fine. And it’s fine that I disagree with Howarth about Stroman too. It’s just a generational thing.

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