Josh Donaldson: The Return Of The King

And it comes to no surprise by any Blue Jays fans out there that the Bringer of Rain has returned, as it’s just too difficult for a natural talent to remain dormant for too long.

JD has stepped back into the ol’ batters box with his T.N.T. dynamite, and fans have watched him explode this month — without, of course, any face shield to protect him from the high and inside pitch. And since he has removed this piece and exposed his well-being for the greater good (i.e. production) he has brought back the rain that so many good Blue Jays fans have been praying for, hasn’t he?

In the month of August, JD has had 41-plate appearances, which have resulted in 14 hits, 3 doubles, 6 rainstorms, and 11 base-on-balls. He’s put together a slash line of .341/.481/.854 (1.335 OPS) — the kind of explosive numbers that the good fans of the Birds expect from the 2015 AL MVP, and, of course, that he expects from himself.


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