The AL Wild Card Race, Strange Days Are Here!

Strange days are here good Birds fans, as the good guys are only 4-games back from the 2nd Wild Card spot despite the woes of 2017. And sure it’s an arduous climb that they have to make, which would involve them stepping their cleats on the backs of the Angels, Twins, Royals, Mariners, Rays, Trash Birds, and the Turds to gain that place, BUT crazier things have happened in baseball that’s for sure.

This is the beauty of the 2nd Wild Card and I say embrace it, because without it the season would be a big millennial meh while the good Birds flapped their wings through the 2017 September sky. However, because of it, all of us fans can now watch this 4-game Tampa series and pray to the good sky that they take at least 3-games.

The thing about the American League this year is that it is pretty full of dogshit, which kind of - and here comes my five dollar word – sucks, because this is a great year to be good and march on into the World Series.

If only the 2015 Blue Jays were spitting sunflower seeds in this 2017 American League because I would bet that they would find themselves going pitch-for-pitch for the Golden Flags late into October, BUT that’s morosely not the case, is it? And it's too bad because all Boston has is an outfield and Chris Sale, Cleveland can only manage a couple runs and pray for their pitching to take them all the way, and Houston has a great record by default as they play mostly trash teams.

Now, the race for the Wild Card is absurdly strange because it's full of shitty records and it kind of reminds me of the Eastern Division standings of the CFL where bad teams make the playoffs, am I right?

And things just haven’t gone right this year for the Blue Jays, have they? It’s been a story of head and shoulders, knees and toes, injury-upon-injury mouth and nose woes, right? Obscure, absurd, and strange, that's for cuss sure.

It's a season that has Smoak lighting 'bomb fires' for every Canadian summer bush party (which the best thinking baseball minds could have never predicted), Zeke hitting .300, Goins being the GoGo man when it comes to hitting with RISP, blisters in the damn sun – yes, I sadly went to the Violent Femmes there, Josh Donaldson’s face shield that may have cost the team the season (a little hyperbole, or is it?), and, of course, the goddamn 1 – 9 start to kick off this strange shitty days parade.

Yet, the Birds are somehow kind of, sort of, big dreamer, naïve believer in it, aren’t they? Now, they could very well be completely out of it if they play like trash against Tampa – or the tune could be completely different if they manage to win 3-out-of-4, wouldn’t it?

This is a big week for the Birds to either press on the are-you-kidding-me pedal and take it to the Rays, or just remind all the big dreamer fans out there that the 2017 season is a lemon.

Indeed, more obscure and bizarre things have happened, and the team has been really slow in their progress to the top since April, as they have been trapped at the bottom of the AL East. And who knows, maybe Kendrys and the boys could pick up the pace as they chug along the base paths and gain some ground in this dogshit fight for the 2nd Wild Card.

One thing for sure is that the strangest fortune I could ever predict, would be that after all the woes, wails, and howls the Birds actually claimed that 2nd Wild Card spot. Shit, strange days are here, so who knows. That would be pretty fuckin’ crazy if it did happen though.

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