Should The Blue Jays Trade Marco Estrada? Nope, they shouldn't!

So during last night’s game, Dan Shulman and good ol’ Buck Martinez were spit balling the idea that the Blue Jays should consider trading Marco Estrada. And let’s make note to the fact that this cheap talk went on for a good five minutes while a ballgame was being played (no disrespect) – just sayin’.

And, ahh, yeah, sure, but I could think of other things that the FO could do with Estrada like just-cussing-sign-him-because-he-is-awesome.

The thing is, the Birds only have 3 real starting pitchers in their rotation right now with the absence of Liriano, who they traded, (and was the proper pitcher to trade) and Sanchez who, ya know, is dealing with the blister bullshit of 2017.

So with that in mind, if the Blue Jays were to trade Estrada this month, they better get a pitcher in return who is dominating at the AAA level and is ready to swagger on into the show and pitch immediately.

Otherwise, ol’ Gibbers might as well call up Richard Griffin from The Toronto Star to make a spot start and see what the ol’ ‘maverick’ has. Ya know what? I have an even better idea, ol' Pete Walker and his badass stache could just polish off the rust and get in there too.

And while Gibbers gets all crafty with who to start as his 3, 4 and 5 pitchers, he could ring up Pat Hentgen and see if he has a little gas left in the tank as well. Damn it. I have an even better idea, Gibbers could hand Goins the ball, which will get all the GoGoManiacs hooting and hollering over GoGoMania. Anyway ...

... Now, if the team makes this trade and doesn’t get back some kind of dirt hill hurler in return, it will be real goddamn difficult to watch the good Birds of summer during the next 7-weeks, am I right?

In Estrada’s last three starts, the back of his baseball card would read 21 innings pitched, 6BB, 18Ks, and a 1.71 ERA. So unless they are going to get a dominant pitcher who is in the minors and ready to make his big debut, why would the Birds even consider trading him? Seriously. Why? Just doesn't make any sense, does it?

Shulman entertained the idea that the FO could flip Estrada before the deadline and then in the off-season sign him back to Toronto, which, in theory, would be a damn cool thing. Especially, if the team were able to get a AAA dominant pitching prospect who is ready to make some noise in the big leagues, but this all just seems too damn perfect a story. But I do like where Shulman was going with that one.

Anyway, I’m not trying to harangue any of you, but I just don’t think this really is a moot topic. And I’m not having a go at the amiable Shulman and Martinez, I just don’t think the Birds should trade Estrada unless the team was getting back a future big league arm that is ready for today.

Listen, it’s only the middle of August, the Birds are somehow only 4-games back from the 2nd Wild Card spot, and ol’ Gibbers needs a starting rotation. So if they are going to remove one of the three capable arms out of the rotation now, well, goddamn it, it better be worth it. But I have a better idea, why not keep him in the rotation, and hope for some meaningful September baseball.

So should the Toronto Blue Jays trade Marco Estrada? What the hell do you think? I say no. Sign. Him.

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