The Hobo In The Park Goes To Lansing

So in this edition of this brewski and Birds series, I decided to take my beat up 1980 cream colour Chevette to the land of the Lugnuts to see who this Hobo could interview.

I packed light, my Birds cap, Mulliniks jersey, and my Animal House tape cassette soundtrack, which would keep me singing as I drive down the beaten paved highway to Lansing.

I knew it would be important to have some feel good tunes for this adventure because the AM radio in the Chevette doesn’t pick up our good Birds of summer, so there would be no Jerry Howarth to fill the air. And that just plain ol’ (and since I’m not a man who likes his 5-dollar words) sucks.

So I figure worst case Ontario, it’s better to listen to The Kingsmen than nothing at all. So this Canadian Hobo was all set for this minor league adventure to the good land of America and it’s finer landscapes of Michigan.


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