So Everyone Is Talking Osuna

So everyone is talking Osuna and it’s no matata kind of a matter because people are worried about what has been going on lately.

It’s also no secret that he has been using a different pitch selection and his slider a lot more than before and that, of course, his fastball speed has dipped a bit on the old radar as his velocity is down.

Keegan Matheson tweets a very 'well-organized' chart of Osuna's pitch selection from this past Sunday, and, ahh, yeah, something is up - that's for sure:

Now, here's the actual pitch selection chart that's half hidden in the tweet:

So, ahh, yeah, 15 sliders. So one can suspect that there is something going on with Osuna, but what? I dunno, could he be tired? Sure, why not? I get tired all the time, you? Who knows?

It certainly seems to me that he has lost his confidence in his fastball and more specifically: the four-seam fastball, which is his rock star 'knock-knock' pitch.

Now, Keegan Matheson was on TSN’s The Morning Scrum with Jamie Thomas and Louie B talking about this worrying Osuna matter. He makes it quite clear that this Osuna ‘post all-star break’ trend is something that people are going to need to keep an eye on, as he states, “You’d love to see him come back and throw his four-seamer, which is his best pitch at his regular velocity, but that hasn’t been the case lately and it’s a little worrying.”

And it is worrying because it has most fans shrugging their shoulders with the hope that he regains his all-star jive, which had all of us jumping – that’s for Brian Setzer damn sure. The Stray Cats? No? Okay, moving on ...

Now, it also might make you wonder how these past couple of outings might be affecting the young man's confidence, as Matheson reminds us that the closer role in baseball is, “a pressure packed position …” Which, yeah, we all know, but it is important to remember how mature and mentally strong a closer has to be. And Roberto Osuna has proven to Blue Jays fans just how mature he is, hasn't he?

Now, a lot of fans have been pissing and moaning (as those types of fans always seem to do) about Osuna and his past couple of outings and that’s fine - fill the Internet threads with your nonsensical wails - as sensible fans try to think what’s actually going on here.

Matheson continues on in the interview discussing how tough the closer role is for any guy, but how much harder it must be for a 22-year old who takes that kind of pressure on all season long with the damn game in his hands where there are, of course, only two potential outcomes.

Matheson makes an interesting point, which I think is worth noting when discussing Osuna’s confidence when he says, “You do worry about confidence and I think you can see that not in the velocity, but in the pitch selection. In his outing on Sunday he threw 21-pitches and five of them were fastballs. And those went for a ball and four singles. So you can see the confidence at play there and why you’d want to get away from that and lean on a slider.”

And that there is the truth, but what's the rub? As it just seems that he does not trust his fastball (right now) and that his slider seems to be the pitch that he has trusted in to keep him out of trouble.

But the sensible thing for fans who have been howling up the ‘Matata Tree’ to think about (and remember) is just how awesome Osuna's stuff is, especially at his age, as many fans may forget that he is only 22-years old. Yes, Roberto Osuna is only 22-years old. That’s it. 22. What were you doing at 22? Me? Not closing out MLB ballgames that's for sure.

So maybe he just needs a little time to sort out what’s going on, and if you have been tweeting or jumping on dumbass Toronto Blue Jays Reddit threads barking trash about Osuna – take off. No, seriously, take off. It’s just unnecessary noise that makes you look like a bat-flipping idiot, but it’s probably coming from the same fans who talk trash nonsense about Bautista too, so there is no reason to be bothered by the garbage in the Internet trash can, is there?

Roberto Osuna is only 22-years old, he’s got electric stuff, let’s hope he finds the confidence to use it. I dunno, maybe he’s tired and just needs a rest. The great Stephen Brunt seems to think so (please read that tweet in Brunt's dramatic voice):

Either way, keep an eye on what he’s throwing, question what’s up with his velocity, be worried too, but don’t say dumb shit like Osuna sucks because that’s what a scab would say and who wants to be a scab, you?

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