How will Jose Bautista's story end in Toronto? With A Bat Flipping Standing Ovation - That's

Shi Davidi was recently on the Fan 590 discussing Jose Bautista and how his story will end in Toronto, as it is no secret that he is in his final Blue Jays chapter.

Now, I think there is only one way for this to end and that is with a sold out Dome making as much goddamn noise that is bat flipping possible when he stands at the plate as a Blue Jay for the last time, don’t you think?

So in this quick little interview, of course, the almighty dramatic question is asked:

Q: How do you solve a problem like Bautista? I mean, here’s a guy who gave his heart and soul to this club for a long time and he’s been awful. So how do you break up with him, what does this club do and how does it work around, you know, the break up?

Shi: I think they just break up, it’s sort of a simple answer they just break up.

It really is that simple. They are going to walk their separate ways. And hopefully Bautista will find a good home that is not in the flipping AL East, am I right?

The next question kind of, ya know, dealt with the idea of benching him, which c’mon, really?

So How do you use him for the rest of the season when they may want to take a look at some of the new guys that are going to come up?

Shi: Well, you have to play him because you still want to have a watchable team over the final two months ...

Right? Anyway, moving on.


So here’s the thing folks, Jose Bautista is a bat flipping Blue Birds GOAT. And I think that all this damn nonsensical noise needs to come to an end. I think that it’s important for every good fan out there to enjoy his final tour – that’s for damn sure.

It’s pretty clear that these next two months will be Bautista’s last as a Jay, so just take it in. I think that in this, his final tour, it is important that he gets standing ovations when he’s at the plate in late September, as we salute him into the baseball sun.

Now, us Jays fans may cause a ruckus, but we also know how to show some respect, don’t we? And it’s time to start showing Bautista that respect in good Canadian fashion with a beer and a holler, eh!

Also, I don’t think this end should be thought of as a break up because it’s not. It’s just how life works, time passes and with it – change.

Joey Bats is a legend.

A Blue Jays icon.

And the GOAT.

And he has given every one of us so much to cheer about, scream about, and bat flip talk about.

It’s time to change the wailing howl tune about his numbers this season into a thank you hum that echoes in the good walls of the Dome, which he helped rebuild.

It’s most definitely sad to say goodbye, but the moment is only a few moons away. So stop with the bullshit talk about benching him, or even better the DFAing him because get real and take off.

Here’s the bat flipping thing, I am going to miss his answers to the clown questions always hurled at him in the scrum. I’m going to miss the shoulder shrugs when he makes a play in the field. I’m going to miss the stare downs he is so infamously known for. I’m going to miss every strut down the first base line from a bomb he blasted Booster Juice style. And every hard slide into second. And every goddamn bat he’s flipped as he helped make the game cool by playing it with some ol’ fashion passion while pissing on Jeff Banister and the Texas Rangers and Buck Showalter and the Trash Birds of Baltimore.

I’m going to miss all of it and I’m going to remember all of it too, you?

Jose Bautista is one of the greatest Blue Jays of all time. Damn it, maybe the greatest, show some respect, and enjoy the final tour and whatever encore he chooses to play.

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