What In The Hell Were You Doing When Steve Pearce Hit Another Walk-Off Grand Slam In The Same Week?

What were you doing when Steve Pearce hit his second dramatic grand slam of the week? Me? Well, I decided to take Sunday off from my typical Bird watching and I went for a beautiful bike ride along Toronto’s waterfront, got some ice cream in the Beaches, walked the boardwalk, and then had a great dinner. Yes, very rock n' roll.

I remember checking the score in the eighth inning and my inner monologue cussing something along the lines of, ‘They’re gonna get swept by the goddamn shitty f*****g Angels. F***!’

Well, it was something close to that, but to be honest there were probably a shit ton more cusses that occurred during that thought process - that’s for holy hell sure.

So later in the evening, I was walking downtown, a fellow Birds fan looked at my cap, and yelled at me, ‘Fuckin', Eh! Go Jays!’ And I thought to myself, how many barley and hops sandwiches did this guy just have because how could any fan be so goddamn excited about getting swept by the shitty Angels, so I checked my phone and, ahh, yeah, this:

So Steve Pearce has gone from people tweeting in Twitter land things like ‘Steve Pearce of shit’ to things like ‘Steve Pearce of awesome’.

And what makes it so interesting is that things like this just don’t happen that often, let alone in the same week. It’s just another reason why baseball is the greatest sport on the planet because the mathematical possibilities of what can occur are endless compared to every other sport on this ol’ Earth, am I right?

Now, to put things into perspective about just how rare Pearce’s piece of work is, just take a look at this fun little statistic:

... Or 175,368 hours, but who's counting? Either way, it's a damn rare thing and it might not happen again for a few years.

Now, would I say this is the greatest comeback in Blue Jays history? A big millennial WTF – NO! Nothing will ever compare to the epic 1992, AL Game 4 turnaround that saw the good Birds and two-fingers-to-the-sky Robbie Alomar light up the Eck, as the Athletics blew a 6 – 1 lead that they had in the seventh inning.

Now, this game I never quit on. I was an angry kid pissed right off at the here-we-go-again Oakland A’s story transpiring, so I just turned off the TV, put it on the radio, and played some serious Mortal Kombat on my Sega Genesis, as I listened to Blue Jays history be made.

So if you were at yesterday’s game and you walked out, it’s all good, you’re no less a fan that’s for sure. You probably just wanted to get home and start your Sunday BBQ dinner, or hit the bar and have a cheaper beer, in which case, you probably got to watch the late inning heroics of Steve’ I look like a bouncer’ Pearce.

And it’s cool whatever you chose to do. Damn. I was at the game on Friday night and spilt the ol’ Dome at the end of the seventh because beer wasn’t being served anymore, I live around the corner, and the view from my couch to my flat screen is better than any seat at the park.

If anything this past Sunday taught us all a valuable lesson, which is that baseball has its ways and if you blink, you may miss it – or if you take off in the eighth inning too …

So my question is this: Where were you when this 'Pearce of magic' happened this past Sunday afternoon? Me? I was eating ice cream.

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