The Optimistic Blue Jays Road To .500 - Again!

The most popular poll in Birds land this season has been, 'will the Blue Jays reach .500 this year?' And, well, it’s a damn good question, isn’t it? I’ve written about it before, but why not take a Justin Smoak crack at it one more time.

So if the good Birds of summer want to make baseball interesting in September, they are going to have to get at it like they did in the bottom of the 9th against Oakland on Wednesday night, as they managed to win the game in less than a minute with two back-to-back bombs.

Now, the team is pretty much in the bottom of the ninth when it comes to their season, and their baseball backs are pressed up against the American League wild card wall, as eight teams (including Kansas City and the Yankees who hold down top spots) have better records than the Birds.

As it stands today (while I type this) the Blue jays are 47 – 54, and it has been one hell of a holy baseball ride, which has complimented the summer weather here in Toronto – that’s for dogshit days sure.

Now, I wrote an article yesterday about the future of the Birds and the prospects that wait in the shadows, and I used the adjective ‘dodgy’ to describe the 2017 team. And I’m not sure why I chose to use this word, but I did. And I think I hated typing it about the goddamn team that I love and the players that have brought me so much bat flippin’ joy over the past two season, but I cussing did. And cuss me for cussing doing it.

But at the end of the day, it’s really not a bad word to use because it means ‘unreliable’, and I feel like that’s how this team has played this year. It’s as clear as a Mat Latos meatball that the 1 – 9 start to the season has really fuckin’ forked the team, as they approach the trade deadline.

Now, if the team has that Rocky – ‘Yo, Adrian!’ fight in them, they are going to have to get at it, aren’t they? And even if the Bird miracle that all the optimistic Jays fans have for this season doesn’t happen, can the team actually finish the year above - or at .500? Personally, if they finally did it on the last day of the season, I would drink myself a couple barley and hops sandwiches and say ‘fuckin', eh!’

I love the players on this team, I hate watching them not play to their potential, and I want to see them turn it the cuss around, as do most fans. So let’s take another look at the potential road to .500.

So as I type this (on this Thursday afternoon) the Birds are losing to Oakland, but let’s imagine that they will comeback and win (since this article is intended for the Blue Bird dreamers), am I right? That would put their record at 48 – 54 * sigh *, but let’s not lose hope all you sanguine zealots.

Now, if the Birds are going to make it ‘wild card’ interesting, they are going to have to get at it like the 2007 Colorado Rockies, and if you don’t remember that fairy tale run, let me copy and paste it from Wikipedia for you:

The Colorado Rockies' 2007 season started off with the team trying to improve on their 2006record (76-86). They finished with a franchise record of 90 wins in 163 games and earned a playoff berth as the National League Wild Card team. The team's stretch run was among the greatest ever for a Major League Baseball team.

Having a record of 76-72 at the start of play on September 16, the Rockies proceeded to win 14 of their final 15 regular season games.[1] The stretch culminated with a 9-8, 13-inning victory over the San Diego Padres in a one-game playoff for the wild card berth, a game that is considered to be part of the regular season. The Rockies then swept their first seven playoff games to win the 2007 National League Pennant — the franchise's first-ever pennant. Thus, at the start of the World Series, the Rockies had won a total of 21 out of 22 games.

… So I guess anything is possible, and even the Birds have a Conor McGregor puncher’s chance (against Floyd Mayweather- if the Irish kid even has that), right? Sorry, McGregor dreamers – just sayin’.

Back to da Birds (said like Bill Swerski), if they can take 2-out-of-3 against the Angels this weekend and 2-out-of-3 against the Southside Sox, their record would be 52 – 56 heading into a 3-game series against the Houston (as far as I’m concerned overrated) Astros. Now, I think, if the Birds are playing well, let’s dream up they steal two wins against Houston and then take 2 at the Dome against the damn Yankees. The Birds would then have a record of 56 – 58.

And, yes, I’m fully aware that this is all bullshit, but I’m using the optimistic side in me to think up how the team could reach this epic damn .500 goal. So to finish it off in big dreamer fashion, the Birds would then take on Pittsburgh (still at the place we call Dome) and take 2-out-of-3 and sit with a record of 58 – 59, as the Rays come into Toronto from August 14th – 16th, so maybe by the middle of August the Birds could finally hit that mark if Disney endings really do exist.

I’m not sure that they do, but here’s to Mickey fucking Mouse, eh!

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