… So Some Of You Think That John Gibbons Should Get Fired!

Note to the reader: If you believe this, you will disagree with everything you’re about to read. You’ve been forewarned – just sayin'.

Let’s begin, shall we:

… So why do you think that John Gibbons should be fired?

Really, what in the holy hell is your problem with how #GibbyTheBest does his job.


Let me guess.

You’d probably argue that he should play the small kind of ball, right? – Or, you’d probably say, he just sits on his ass and does nothing too.

Well, let me tell you something, this man from Texas isn’t just a box of rocks. He is as smart as a hooty owl. A goddamn hooty owl that knows how to hoot and holler if you ask me and any old wise baseball human knows this too.

So I say all this #FireGibby noise is a big load of hooey.

I remember a certain manager by the name of Cito Gaston whose managing style makes John Gibbons look like the most active manager in Blue Jays history and, don’t forget, (not that you could) but good ol’ Cito managed the team to, ya know, a couple back-to-back Golden Flag celebrations, didn’t he?

And small to the ball this … He calls for the bunt and you take the piss out of him. He doesn’t call for the bunt and you take the piss out of him, too! So there’s that, right?

Has he made the wrong calls at times? Sure, but what manager hasn’t. The almighty and highly acclaimed baseball mind of Buck ‘the sourpuss’ Showalter sat on his hands and left the most dominant pitcher in the American League sit in the pen during the … I don’t need to continue this thought, do I? And thank cuss for that too. Buck.

I also remember last year in the World Series when the ‘greatest methodical baseball skip’ in the MLB misused Aroldis Chapman out of the Cubby pen too, don’t you?

BUT these two are considered goddamn geniuses and John Gibbons will always be a cheap nickel steak to you and that’s fine.

It is what-the-bird is, but I just think it’s a real kind of stinker idea that people have when they go on about the fire John Gibbons thing. I don’t even think it’s a damn moot kind of subject either because John Gibbons is awesome and I will not oscillate from my stance on this Gibby topic. I. Will. Not.

Now, listen I’m not trying to goad any of you into some kind of a Bird word fight, but c’mon – take off! John Gibbons is incredibly entertaining, he knows what in the baseball hell is going on, he played on (sort of) the 1986 Mets (and how many of you can say that), he knows how to control the clubhouse and every flippin’ ego in it, he is respected by his players, he’s not a push over, he’s patient, and he’s a goddamn stoic Texas baseball cowboy who can handle the pressure and make the tough calls. Now, is it always the right call? Of course not, but what manager always makes the right call anyway?

Has he made decisions that have left me at times thinking, huh? Sure. And so what. It happens. But I’m not going to run the fire drill because the man isn’t perfect.

So what is your problem with John Gibbons anyway? And how the hell can you not like ol’ Gibbers? Seriously? How? I just don’t get it. It confuses me like new music and I wonder if y’all are just commode-hugging, knee-walking drunk.

So I guess you just think if the Birds can’t hit, it’s Gibby’s fault. If the Birds get injured, it’s Gibby’s fault. If the Birds make fielding errors, it’s Gibby’s fault. If the bullpen tosses meatballs, it’s Gibby’s fault. Gibby’s fault. Gibby’s fault. Am I right?

So here’s my question to you because it’s totally cool to think whatever you think, but who the hell do you think should replace ol’ Gibbers? DeMarlo Hale? Tim Leiper? Gruber? Stieb? Oh, I got it: Terry Francona, right? Huh? That’s what I thought. And believe me when I type this, the Clevelanders are going to hold onto that guy.

Now, it’s understandable to want to point the ol’ finger at the root of the problem, but there are many factors which have contributed to the malaise Birds of 2017. And to hurl it all onto ol’ Gibbers, who I believe has done an excellent job being the skip-of-this-ship, just doesn't seem to make any logical sense to me.

My good friend, Adam Corsair, who lives South Of the 6ix, examines (in Fox Mulder fashion) why every Birds fan has to search for scapegoats, so you should go read his thoughts over there, as he identifies, ya know, the million reasons why this team is where they are, which any sensible fan knows.

And besides all the injuries, blisters, and regression towards the mean type of statistical things that have happened this season, the one thing that has hindered this club from being Wild Card bound for now is this:

So fire ol’ Gibbers, not a goddamn chance.

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