So About This Blue Jays Status Quo Thing In 2018, It's Not That Bad!

Is this 2018 status quo thought really that bleak of a thing? I mean, everything that Andrew Stoeten over at Blue Jays Nation outlined and suggested in his article where he reflects on this topic makes absolute sense, no? (And if you haven't read it, you should)

It’s hard to argue against the options that he explored when he realistically laid out the blue prints for the 2018 Birds, isn’t it? And what in the goddamn hell is there to be so upset about when it comes to this team and the direction they are going in anyway.

Sure the team was slow out of the dugout this season, as they looked like a bunch of malaise Birds, but they did end up being struck by the DL are-you-kidding-me curse, which left more than half of the payroll on an undesired golden bench.

But as outlined by Stoeten, the 25-man roster shouldn’t be bad next year. Geez. They might even be competitive too. Now, of course, many factors go into a successful run in a baseball season, as all sensible fans know, BUT what’s so wrong with how the roster could potentially look like heading into next year. Nothing.

So here's the good news, the 2017 campaign isn’t over yet, which means we still get to watch our Birds in July, August, and September. And that’s an awesome thing even if you’re tweeting WTF GIFS because the Birds are playing poorly.

Now, some of us (optimistic fans and I’m one of them) are still holding onto the Blue Bird hope that this team can get their groove back and stop being on the wrong end of the dog shit blowouts, am I right?

I think it’s safe to say - like JD's winning slide that sent the Texas Turds packing again last October - that we all want this team to string together some wins and make things ‘Wild Card’ interesting come September because who in the Blue Bird hell doesn’t want some meaningful baseball in September!?! Now, that’s one thing we can all agree on.

But holy to the good baseball sky of piss and moans - why do people have to get up in arms over where this team is heading? I seriously just don’t understand this.

I know that it comes from passion and a love (kind of, I guess) for this team, but c’mon – get a grip.

Now, I don’t think that fans are going to see some kind of awe like

ShapIro/Atkins ninja style trade made at the deadline this year, nor do I see them unloading Josh Donaldson, J Hip - I mean Happ, or Justin Smoak for that matter – it just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

As it stands these players are under contract for next season and the return will still be there next year too! And as for the whole JD is the bringer of prospects talk, yeah, sure he is.

... BUT don't you think it makes more sense to hold that card until next year, have a good ol’ chat with him to see if he wants to continue to play in Toronto and (possibly) extend his contract before going on to trade him? I guess you could call me crazy, but that does seem like the sensible thing to do, doesn’t it?

Now here’s the thing all you Blue Bird folks, the team isn’t going to go through the long painful years that were experienced in the mid 90s through the 2ks. The Mark ShapIro and Atkins tribe are going to shape this future team into something that, I believe, will be explosive, young, balanced, and just good ol’ fashion baseball fun to watch.

Now, as they work their way to these future Bird years, which really aren’t too far off, they are still going to field a competitive team, which is pretty rock n’ roll if you ask me.

So I think people need to be sensible (or at least try to be) when they begin typing up things about the good Birds of summer because holy shit some of Blue Jays Nation really decided to piss on this team (in the comments section) after Stoeten shared his insightful thoughts about embracing the status quo.

It’s good to be passionate, but it’s also better to take a breath, collect your baseball thoughts, and then share that thought, don’t you think? It really isn’t ever good in life to roll with the knee jerk reaction, which many people did after reading yesterday’s article.

I mean, sure, there was a lot of sensible chatter happening back and forth, but there was some serious nonsensical shit being typed up as well. The thing is, and I really couldn’t give a toss about what people think because it’s their damn baseball freewill to do so, but just try to pick some thoughts from the good Birds tree, which make sense. So my advice, try not to always reach for the low hanging fruit.

So here’s my quick breakdown from the tree where I gather my thoughts:

Are the Birds where you wanted them to be at this point in the season? No.

Do you have every right to feel frustrated with the Birds so far? Sure.

Do you think that the FO should blow this team up? No. Why? Because that’s a bozo thing to do.

Does Mark ShapIro and Ross Atkins want to improve this team for this year and next? Yes.

Will it be interesting to see what they actually do moving forward? Yes.

Can you trust what the FO is doing, as they work with the tiny mess left behind by AA (even though it was all 2015 bat flip worth it)? Yes.

Is Jon Morosi still full of MLB rumour shit? 100% Absolutely.


So I say this, simmer down a bit if all you have been doing this season is pissing your thoughts on the back wall of the Internet alley about the Birds of today and tomorrow because that’s not fun, is it?

So keep calm, and Blue Bird the cuss on. It’s baseball, and baseball is the - and here comes my 5 dollar word - best.

Now, how do you like that superlative?

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