How Do You Like Them Blue Jays Trade Rumour Apples?

'Tis the season’ for hoots and hollers, and, ahh, yeah, there has been a lot of that going on in the land of bozos that’s for sure.

And everyone from Buster Olney to Mr. Morosi to even (everyone’s beloved friend from the Globe and Mail) Cathal Kelly have made it quite clear that the Blue Jays are selling and looking to blow it the cuss up.

Now as we all know, a lot of these baseball clowns are just straight up like a stiff drink on the rocks saying that the team is heading into the universe of DUN DUN DUUUUN baseball bat shit ugly bad, BUT is this the truth? Because a certain someone who, I believe, has all the right baseball sense and is also the Captain of the Blue Jays 'think ship' seems to think otherwise.

In a great piece by, Shi Davidi, Mark ShapIro sheds some good damn light on all the dark predictions and hooey that have been made by the MLB fortunetellers out there, who, you know, say the organization is going to sell everyone from Stroman-to-Osuna-to-Estrada-to-Smoak-to-Happ-to-Donaldson-to-goddamn-Ace too.

BUT ShapIro, however, seems to have a different approach up his ol’ sensible baseball sleeve, as he said:

"Yet, in light of the incredible support in the fanbase, we really enter any junction in time, and certainly trade deadline is one of those opportunities, where our sole focus is to get better. Get better could be in the short-term, for the rest of this year, although it’s highly unlikely it would be rental-type guys, or it could be get better this year and in subsequent years, as well. Trade deadline presents one window of opportunity for us to improve the team, and we are going to want to get better this year, too, that’s for sure."

Ahh, well, what do you think of them apples? Me? Well, I kind of like them, and it’s kind of what I thought would be the approach that the Toronto FO would take, you?

So ShapIro wants to get better this year too? What? This can't be, can it? Does this ACTUALLY mean that he doesn’t want to blow this team up like a Donald Trump big millennial WTF tweet?

Ahh, yeah, of course it does and why the cuss would he want to do that anyway? I mean, c’mon, right?

Andrew Stoeten over at Blue Jays Nation has made it clear (like a blown call by Vic Carapazza against the Blue Jays) to all the people who howl from the stands (or from the Globe and Mail * cough * Cathal Kelly) that:

And if you’re trading guys like Stroman, Sanchez, or Osuna — which, if you’re getting rid of “everyone,” I guess you are — you’re not just giving up on 2017 and 2018, but 2019 and 2020 (through which all three are under club control), too. You’re also probably a moron.

And, yes, a moron you are. Why the cuss so many people can’t see that the team can remain competitive, as they cross the bridge to the youthful tomorrow is so goddamn beyond me, but I digress. Let’s get back to what ShapIro has to say, since he’s kind of the blue Bird king of the Dome castle:

"I can’t tell you the exact blueprint or plan right now, but I think there’s still quite a bit of talent here, both veterans and guys in the prime of their careers," said Shapiro. "We clearly need to continue to compete, we clearly need to continue to get more talent around those existing players but yes, we have enough of a base of talent here to still contend."

Wait. This doesn’t sound like a tweet from Buster Olney, Morosi, or a thought from Cathal Kelly over at the Globe, does it?

Now what does this all mean? I’m not sure, but my guess is this: the Blue Jays don’t need to be complete dog shit, as they move towards getting younger, faster, and more, ya know, athletic – who knew?

The thing is folks, the team can still field 25-men that can baseball fight to stay in it to September, as they cross the bridge to tomorrow, and that seems logical, no?

ShapIro shares some more of his insight and thoughts (which aren’t picked from a low-hanging tree like most of the bozo’s out there who toss nonsensical Blue Jays words around these days), as he states this apple of an idea:

"If we build this organization through our philosophy with an obsessive focus on acquiring and developing the best young talent and strategically building a balanced major-league roster, we will have an opportunity to sustain a championship-calibre team. And I still believe we can get through that transition in an expedited time frame."

And these are some thoughts that some of us all share from the same sensible Blue Bird thinking tree, am I right?

Listen all you ‘shatkins’ people out there, it’s time to just give it a good ol' rest. This team is going in the right direction, and we all should feel confident and trust the men steering the thinking ship.

Get excited for the love of all things Blue Jays awesome, seriously. Don’t let a cussing bad June and a Boston beat down make you think that the end is here, and that the good Birds are done like a nickel steak left on the ol’ BBQ for too long because it’s not.

It really is just the beginning. And if the team doesn’t get into the Fall time world of Wild Card baseball this year, that’s fine, no?

Because the reality is that the Birds won't make the playoffs every year and all us sensible fans know that, am I right?

So I say stop the pissing and moaning and get excited about what’s to come. Why? Because it’s better than being that guy that pisses and moans.

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