So I Guess Some People Think The Blue Jays Should Have A Six-Man Rotation!

So this was a thing? I dunno ... I really didn't know this was a thing. I mean why in the cuss would this be a cussing thing? Was this a thing for the sake of a thing because sometimes people just need a thing:

I mean, who new this was even a thought? I certainly didn't, BUT Mr. Benny Smith sure let the people asking this question know what Gibbons thinks of the idea once Aaron please-come-back-now Sanchez returns, didn't he?

Sometimes I just wish I could get inside of ol' Gibbers' mind and listen to his inner monolgue when he's asked bozo questions like this one. When I read this ol' piss of a tweet on the bathroom wall of the Internet, I couldn't help myself and I even chimed in with a:

Because why in the cuss would it be, am I right? And why in the goddamn hell of absolute nonsense would this even be a moot topic, or have ever even been rendered one as well. But noise is noise and people like to dance around to it like it's a shitty-song-by-some-shitty-band-that-is-popular-today who I don't know exists - so there's that.

What people should be talking about is the return of Aaron Sanchez to the starting rotation because holy shit to the baseball thank-cuss-for-lack-of-a-better-word incongruous to 5-dollar (bullshit) words: AWESOME!

So Aaron Sanchez finished a 60-plus pitch rehab assignment on Tuesday and maybe it's time to just bring him up, as the man with the always sensible baseball thought plan (who loves a good goddamn sandwich) made the right kind of bathroom wall noise when he bluntly cuts to the damn chase:

And, yeah, why the hell not? Now these are the thoughts that should be making some noise right about now because the addition of Aaron Sanchez into the starting rotation is going to be the biggest damn edition that this team can make to their lineup, eh!?

So stop with turd thoughts of trash about a six-man rotation, and make some sensible noise about how great the edition of Sanchez to the rotation is going to be and how great Biagini going back to the pen will be too.

Imagine how these two moves will positively work out for ol' Gibbers who has had to be a goddamn baseball Van Gogh this year painting up the starry nighttime lineup of what next and what to do.

Maybe the time is finally coming for the ol' Skip to sit back, work on the good ol' lollygag lounge, and offer up that Texas Dad grin from another Blue Jays win.

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