Cheering For Osuna!

When John Gibbons told the Blue Jays world on Friday night that Roberto Osuna wouldn't be available to pitch because he was ill, most fans just offered a millennial sigh of relief that it wasn’t anything serious that the young pitcher was suffering from.

And after fans woke up still in disbelief from the ninth inning meltdown loss, many people were scratching their heads wondering about what is up with Osuna, and, of course, when will he be available to pitch again?!

And soon after people were done with their Saturday morning coffee, Roberto Osuna spoke to the media explaining that he is suffering from 'anxiety' and feeling ‘weird’.

And once the truth was put out there, people started to ‘internet thread’ things like ‘it’s not physical, it’s just mental’, BUT it’s not JUST mental. Mental health is just as or more important than physical health. And what this young man is going through is serious, and, I think, a lot of fans out there may not understand this.

Osuna is a courageous young man for being honest to the media about his issue instead of hiding it from the public. And I know as much about the seriousness of the problem as you, but if the young man is suffering from anxiety this could be a lot more critical an issue than people may think.

If Osuna’s anxiety is triggered by the thought of taking the ball (and I don’t know), then he’s going to have to figure out ways to overcome these triggers (and that is not an easy thing to do), which often lead to a ‘panic attack’. And if you have never had a panic attack, it feels similar to a heart attack, as the body releases heavy amounts of adrenaline as a defence to the anxiety that causes it.

But Osuna spoke about his anxiety not having to do with baseball when he said, "It's just when I'm out of baseball, when I'm not on the field, that I feel weird and a little bit lost." And that is a hard place for any person to be in.

Roberto Osuna is really just a kid, and he’s a courageous young man who is mentally strong too. I don’t think many young people his age could handle the pressure situations that he finds himself in on a daily basis.

I mean when I was his age, I would feel anxiety about speaking in my University seminars, so I couldn’t even dream up how mentally strong and mature he is at his age compared to most 22-year-olds.

I think what makes this young man even more mature is the fact that he chose not to hide his condition, but instead to speak about it because this sort of thing is taboo in the sports world. It’s important for sports fans to realize that these people who we constantly discuss all of the' saber-nonsense-metrics' about, are actually as vulnerable as the rest of us. They are human. Imagine that, eh?!

And if you think that something is ‘just mental’, well, then you are ignorant to something that you don’t understand because it’s not ‘just mental’. And I'm not trying harangue people about the severity of mental health, but a lot of people were sharing some perturbed thoughts about this while making fun of the matter, and there is nothing funny about it.

I think we can all agree that Roberto Osuna is one of the most mentally strong young men out there for being able to pitch in high leverage situations, at his age, in the Major League. And he's shown a real sense of maturity for being able to openly discuss his mental health issues too.

Let’s just not be ignorant to this matter people, he’s a young man, and a young man that has proven once again how mentally strong he actually is by coming forward to the media with the truth.

So don’t be a dumb bro when talking about Osuna and his anxiety, it’s just ignorant and it’s not just mental.

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