So I Guess You Think John Gibbons Is A Genius, For now!

It is never easy having a job that has an overwhelming amount of responsibilities, is it? Especially, if you have a job where millions of people who sit on their couch think that they can do it better, eh!

After the Blue Jays failed to climb that final rung to .500 on Tuesday night for the who-is-counting-now-something-time, of course, the Internet land of threads and bathroom wall tweets of thoughts exploded with its typical hoots into the great matrix abyss about what John Gibbons needs to do in order for this Blue Jays team to be good.

Now I think it’s important to note that since the odious April that the rotten luck Birds had, they have fought their way back to a respectable May/June record of 27 – 19. And during this time, as always, a number of pissants have wailed their thoughts about how this team needs to be redefined or ‘blown up’.

I’ve never quite understood the nature of humans who constantly need to spew, unless, of course, it’s a baby, BUT many grown adults are constantly tossing their plebe vile onto internet bibs about the good Birds that they claim they love, as if.

And I’m not trying to goad fans who do this, I’m just stating the hard truth, which is ‘take off, you hosers.’

So now that John Gibbons has changed up the lineup and moved Kevin Pillar out of the leadoff spot, I’m sure ‘you’re’ all thinking he should’ve done this sooner, am I wrong here?

Now if there is one thing that irks me the most in the English language, it is the sound of ‘should’ve’, ‘shouldn’t have’, or ‘could’ve’ because they are only used to express regret or give advice in the past.

It’s a simple English formula that many people like to use: Should/Could + Have + Past Participle, and many ‘keyboard warrior’ Jays fans often use this language to express their cheap ‘nickel wine’ about what John Gibbons should have, shouldn’t have, or could have done.

But after John Gibbons shook up the lineup last night and adjusted it as he saw fit to do, maybe the great beat in the minds of the #GibbyTheWorst people might change their itty bitty blue tune, for now.

I’m not trying to goad the maudlin John Gibbons people who sip the he’s-a-do-nothing-bunt-more-wine, BUT we do have a difference in opinion that’s for sure.

John Gibbons is the coolest cowboy in Canada, and he possesses an innate ability to understand the air around him. He has a stoicism, which is needed when the ‘going gets tough’, and it’s this forbearance, which, I believe, is needed in the clubhouse during hard times.

And Gibbons also understands when to leave his stoic ways, and take the field to defend his players at the drop of the ball cap. He is a leader that stands beside his team, and, I believe, he is able to keep all the baseball egos from these men in check (which I can only imagine would be an arduous task) like the goddamn cowboy that he is.

‘John Gibbons, Gibbers, Gibby the Great’ has always been #GibbyTheBest when it comes to defending his players. In the first week of May, Gibbons spoke to the ‘clown scrum’ taking in all of their repetitive questions, as he stood stern when standing up for his players:

“This group has been very successful the last two years. I know what makes them tick and I know what they’re made of, and one thing about this group, they never panic, they never tuck their tail or anything like that.”

And I think he really does know what makes them tick, he’s not afraid to back down from any player in the clubhouse, which I think earns him respect from these men. He’s Texas tough, but also Texas cool too, AND he sure isn’t a sourpuss ninny like Buck Showalter is – that’s for damn sure.

He has had his great battles with players in the past like the 'ship is sinking' Shea 'sailboat' Hillenbrand and Ted 'ninny' Lilly. He’s even had a little 'Tom Ford' dust up with the future Blue Jays GOAT Josh Donaldson (please just extend him a contract), and, I think, that shows the Gibbers rectitude, which doesn't allow him to be pushed over like a cow in a small town.

Sure he’s made questionable decisions, but who hasn’t? And who’s perfect? I mean even Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times, am I right?

So what ever side of the John Gibbons yard you stand on, it’s pretty damn crystal clear like a dead lake in Canada that he’s an amiable man, who has a good baseball sense, a patient baseball gut (sure sometimes too patient), a great baseball lounge, an even better baseball lollygagging strut to the mound, a great finger ‘Shooter McGavin’ point to the bullpen, an awesome ‘nicorette’ chewing gum face, and an even better collection of quotes for all 'you' critical of Gibbons 'bozos' – so there’s that too.

It’d be too easy to put together a John Gibbons ‘best of’ piece, but I’m not trying to lure people in with a click-bait title, so I just wanted to touch base on the fact that John Gibbons is the best.

I hope to hell that he gets another contract extension because I don’t know how I will react if he’s not the skip of the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s kind of been my TV Dad for close to a decade since his first stint with the Birds. And I don’t want the John Gibbons series to end. EVER.

I will come to his defence most of the bunting time, and I think he is the coolest cowboy cat on the ol’ Dome block y’all, don't you?

So I think it’s time to stop this hootin' and hollerin’ about ol’ Gibbers and let the man trust his gut, as he sits on his ass thinking something that none of you are.

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