The Woe to .500

It’s been an Augean road for the Birds who continue to try to climb up and over the Herculean .500 mountain, as the team oscillates from .492 back to .484 with every opportunity they get to overcome this nefarious task.

It hasn’t been easy to watch the Birds, as they continue to do their one step forward, two steps back country-line dance, BUT the team only sits 2.5 games out of a Wild Card spot (as I type this) – so there’s that.

There is, however, one problem though, and that, of course, is time. The schedule continues to press on, as suddenly the good Birds are now in mid-June and ‘Holy Baseball Mackinaw’, can you believe July 1st is fast approaching?

And the baseball schedule for the good Birds of summer is no easy road heading into the mid-July All-Star break, is it? The team really needs to pull some wins together this weekend against the Chicago White Sox before they head into Arlington: The home of ‘Count Banister’.

Once the series wraps in the ‘USA! … USA!’ chanting land of cowhide, the Birds will fly to Dorothy Gale's Kansas and hope to land on a series win. And here’s the ‘yellow brick road’ truth, if the Blue Jays can’t get over the arduous .500 mark by the end of the series they have with the Royals, the season might end up looking bleaker than a Vegan in a barren moor.

Because come June 27th the ‘Bringer of Rain’ and the Birds are going to battle for the fate of the rest of the 2017 season, as they face the foes of the AL East starting with a 3-game series against the Trash Birds, a 3-game series against the Red Sucks, and then a 3-game series against the Damn Yanks.

And to put an old feather into the baseball cap, the good Birds finish off the first half of the season (after their gruelling 9-games against the ‘Beasts of the East’) to play 4-games against the Houston ‘get your red hot Astros here’, so there’s that too.

If this team has what all of us fans think and know they have, the time is now for them to get out and start swinging and pitching their way into the standings. This isn’t a bleak outlook on the schedule heading into the All-Star break, but it is a ‘holy Mary Joseph Mother of Jesus Murphy’ reality that this team needs to climb over the .500 hill sooner than later – that’s for damn sure, and, I believe, they can.

When the July All-Star festivities, home run derbies, and MLB downtime comes, the active minds of Mark ShapIro and Ross Atkins are going to be methodically thinking about what road they see this team going down, and that’s just the hardball truth.

So the playoff hope audition for your 2017 Toronto Blue Jays has pretty much begun now, so they need to figure out how to stop swinging from .492 to .484, and start pushing Buzz Lightyear style ‘to .500 and beyond’ that’s for hoser sure, eh!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, once the ol’ All-Star festival is over, the good Birds of summer get right back at it with the Tigers, the Red Sucks, and the Tribe too, and that’s all gonna be happening around the time of ‘who buys’ and ‘who sells’, and I know what I like, and that's buying, you?

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