Should the Blue Jays trade Josh Donaldson? No!


No, they REALLY should not! They just shouldn’t! So let me make myself clear with a big millennial 'WTF' like NO ... like 'OMG obvi.' NO!!!

… And future Josh Donaldson dialogue (by fans) should not fill the baseball air with ‘should’ve’, ‘could’ve’ – or the ‘I would’ve’ (which is freely tossed around by fans playing the role of general manager) because when the time comes, the Blue Jays FO SHOULD just lock him up and pay the 2015 American League MVP.

The 2017 MLB Draft gets fans across the MLB dreaming of the future (even though most fans are dreaming of players they have never heard of, or really know anything about – including me), and it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

But the thing is a player like Josh Donaldson is really something special, and having the opportunity as Jays fans to watch him just be awe-like-awesome every time he is at bat or on the field, really is something incredible to witness.

And some fans like to argue that JD could be the ‘bringer of prospects’, but who?

What prospect (or prospects) is (are) worth Josh Donaldson?

Unless the Blue Jays FO have a crystal baseball that shows them the future, and it reveals that by trading Josh Donaldson the good Birds would get the next Clayton Kershaw, I just don’t think trading him makes sense, does it?

When it comes to the Blue Jays prospects, the organization has a nice core of future infielders, so that means the fans would most likely want to see the good Birds receive an almost-ready-for-the-big-league power arm (or as Richard Griffin would tag it ‘a stopper ace’, which is an arbitrary expression if you ask me) for Josh Donaldson.

So Jays zealots, who feel that the good Birds should trade Donaldson, I believe, quickly assume that the next Chris Sale or Kershaw would be coming back in return, and, well, I hate to say it, BUT that’s not the case.

The top ranked pitching prospect by is Alex Reyes of the St. Louis Cardinals, who hasn’t played a game this season because of a torn UCL in his pitching elbow, and he is now going down the sad Tommy John road to recovery.

The second ranked pitching prospect belongs to the Chicago White Sox, and the young hurlers name is, Michael Kopech, and that name should sound familiar because he was one of the covenant prospects that the White Sox snagged in the Chris Sale trade. And, of course, let’s not forget that the White Sox received Yoan Moncada in return from Boston too, who is the number one ranked prospect in the MLB, so Chris Sale didn’t come cheap – that’s for sure.

Michael Kopech was the 33rd overall pick in the 2014 draft, and he has already been suspended for testing positive for a banned substance, and he has already managed to break his pitching hand too. He has been compared to Noah Syndergaard, but here’s the thing - is this the type of kid worth a JOSH DONALDSON? How about a big Kevin McCallister, ‘I DON’T THINK SO.’

Now Josh Donaldson was drafted 48th overall by the Chicago Cubs in 2007 and holy Canadian Jesus Murphy that was a stacked up draft with David Price going first overall, and the Toronto Blue Jays selecting J.P. Arencibia 21st overall (well ahead of the ‘Bringer of Rain’).

Other notable players selected before JD are: Mike Moustakas (2nd), Matt Wieters (5th), Madison Bumgarner (10th), Jason Heyward (14th), Ben Revere (28th), and Brett Cecil by the Blue Jays (38th).

So the Chicago Cubs were fleeced when they acquired Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the Oakland Athletics while sending a handful of (hmm, who? Oh, sure, maybe) prospects to the A's - except for one prodigious future GOAT, and that, of course, was Josh Donaldson.

And somehow, and I still can’t believe how (especially since Billy Beane is a pretty sensible baseball guy), the Blue Jays were able to fleece Oakland in a trade to land the now 2015 MVP, 3x All-Star, and 2x Silver Slugger.

The Blue Jays were hit by lightening when the ‘Bringer of Rain’ came to Toronto, and it’s important (for some fans) to really understand what kind of a player that the team has before running (their mouths) about trading Donaldson.

He is in the elite upper crust of the MLB talent society of GOATS, and it should be a MUST for the Toronto FO to offer him a long-term deal that makes absolute sense for all hands in play.

It’s not often that a player of this caliber graces the field that ‘your’ team plays on. JD is up there with the likes of any of the leagues best, and it makes no sense in dealing away such a sure thing for a possible baseball prospect bust.

Do you remember, Kyle Drabek, the 2006 18th overall pick by the Philadelphia Phillies? I sure do, he was the major piece in return in the Doc Halladay trade, and how did that work out?

The fact is that Josh Donaldson is the type of player who has the experience and talent to lead this team into the future. He would be the perfect personality in the clubhouse for the younger guys who will eventually come up too.

And when the old clock spins its hands, and JD is in the back end of a heavy Blue Jays contract, I believe, he would be perfect in a DH spot producing at the plate, while whispering good baseball sense into the youthful minds (who are now prospects) that play beside him and also admired him, as they went through the MiLB system.

So should the Blue Jays trade Josh Donaldson? The answer is as simple as apple pie - NO! And who doesn’t love apple pie? Right?!

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