Some Kind of Devon Travis Injury Thoughts

So yesterday the MLB Blue Jays Twitter world exploded with its usual bathroom messages on its bathroom wall and this time the news was really shitty and, of course, that news is of Devon Travis’ bone bruise in the same knee that kept him from playing early in the spring.

And now that every Blue Jays fan has read the latest John Lott and Shi Davidi tweet about this unfortunate Travis series of injury events, fans, of course, are keyboard-pressing-thoughts on Blue Jays threads this morning about this shitty news.

So as most Blue Jays fans learnt during last nights broadcast, the star second baseman is going to go to NYC to see the same specialist as last time, and man-oh-man that’s not what any Birds fan wants to hear.

Andrew Stoeten pretty much hit a home run in his Travis piece by sharing the Twitter world tweets and offering really just some good goddamn honest reactions to them. And his thoughts and reactions (always fuckin’ funny and insightful) are true.

But here’s the thing Blue Jays folks, I’m not one for the tears in baseball, and I’ve always felt that they should be left on the soccer field (just saying), BUT that raw emotion that came from Travis while he was discussing his injury last night was absolutely fucking heartbreaking.

Now what really kind of, well, sort of … ACTUALLY really fucking stirs me up is when Blue Jays fans decide to jump on threads (which I always inspect) and talk absolute trash.

So let’s quickly take a look at some armpit thoughts (and this is not a hijack piece) in some trash Internet threads:

Travis is made of glass.

Well-holy-fuck that took a whole lot of goof thinking to press that one out, and NO actually he’s not. Professional athletes get injured, some more than others, it’s all just a combination of bad timing and shitty luck.

I think Devon Travis is getting close to calling it a career.

Really? Wow … This might be the stupidest fucking thing I will read all day.

Rogers needs to wake the fuck up and put in real grass!

Umm, yeah, that’d be pretty fucking cool, BUT Travis plays on real dirt – so there’s that.

I just needed to share a couple of these random thoughts (if that’s what they are called) before I continue on to the actual point that I’m trying to finger press here on my shitty MacBook.

Now whatever your thoughts are about Travis and being injury prone or whatever-the fuck-you-think, watching him try to hold back his tears in yesterday's interview fucking hit my goddamn ‘Marley and Me’ nerve.

It’s so difficult to watch someone who is so talented and has trained so hard have to accept that he can’t do what he loves to do AGAIN, as he faces going through the same really shitty process that he had probably hoped was over for him.

I just couldn’t imagine not being able to do what I love because my body wouldn’t let me, that seriously, to be blunt – fucking sucks!

And on top of that, I guess the real reason I shared some of those trash fan thoughts (and believe me there are more of these nonsensical armpit words) is because where is the goddamn human empathy and compassion from these people.

This is a person's livelihood here, and this is how he makes a living. If any of us 9 – 5 schmucks got a concussion or some kind of injury that kept us from doing what we do to earn a living, I think we’d be close to tears too.

About a month ago, I was on the phone with Jesse Strassler, the media man for the Lansing Lugnuts, and when our conversation shifted to injury talk, he kind of put it like this (and I’m paraphrasing and pulling from a talk last month, but this is how I remember his words), ‘how could a teacher teach if that teacher was suffering with a concussion? And to add to that, imagine having to go and teach even though you don’t feel right, but because there is someone who wants your job and wants to take it from you – that’s kind of what it’s like for these minor league and professional athletes.’ And, well, yeah – that’s something to think about.

I guess, my point here is - show a little fucking respect for Travis. It’s absolutely devastating to watch a young man who has worked his entire life to be in the moment he’s in, try to accept (in an interview) that it's going to go away again due to an injury.

If any of us were good enough to be professional athletes, we wouldn’t be made of glass – that’s for damn sure. And we would be just as heartbroken too, so let’s hope that this trip to the DL for Travis is short and he gets good news in NYC.

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