The Beaver Message: Gosh Golly Gee, Go Blue Jays! (the road to .500)

Well it sure was a swell week and weekend for the Toronto Blue Jays who are by gosh now only 3 games back from the second wild card spot. I know dagnabbit the good ol’ Birds have six teams to leap over for it, but it sure is hip to see the team playing some good baseball.

Heavens to Betsy things could sure be flippin’ a heck of a lot worse than they are, don’t you think? And sheesh, sure it would have been frickin’ nice to sweep the dirty son of a gun Texas Rangers, but the good ol’ Birds did pick up the series win and that’s gosh darnit a good thing.

Now shoot, the next week for the swell Birds of summer is really holy goodness to Betsy important for the team because they need to keep on winning to keep pace with the AL pack – that’s for darn sure.

So Geez oh man hear this, if the Birds could take 2 out of 3 from the frickin’ Reds and then get a split or gosh golly gee win 3 out of the 4 from the cuss these darn Yankees, who are in Toronto June 1st – 4th, the Blue Birds will only be a couple games under .500 heading into their west coast road trip and that’s flippin’ fantastic.

The Birds will play 3 games against the ‘holy-cow-not-so-good’ Oakland A’s, and gosh golly gee they really need to win this series - like I mean oh hell … Jesus help me holy ghost, they have to win this series!

And if they can (and they should), they then take their Bird wings to play 3 against the Seattle ‘oh-geez-starting-rotation-injury-woe’ Mariners, who they should be able to beat, especially since there will be more Blue Jays jerseys in Safeco Field than crummy Mariner jerseys – that’s for sure, so it’s more a west coast home series for the good ol’ Birds rather than a road one.

So if the swell Blue Birds can manage to keep playing good baseball over the next 13 games where they see the Reds, Yankees, A’s, and Mariners, they could holy cow gosh darnit golly gee fudge be a few games over .500 by Monday June 12! That’s right even after the frickin’, flippin', cussin’ April from hell, the Birds might find themselves in a darn good place in two weeks if they continue to trend in the direction of swell.

And with the recent additions of JD and Tulo in the lineup and the rest of the team clicking and playing like a team, AND Liriano close to returning after pitching a rehab game with triple-A Buffalo in Charlotte – maybe, just maybe rabbits – the Birds are back.

I mean is it foolish to feel optimistic about the good ol’ Birds because I don’t think so. It’s about frickin’ time that the team is starting to find their gosh golly groove, and if there is one thing these darn Birds have, it’s character – that’s for sure. So gosh darn it and holy geez the golly Blue Jays might be a couple weeks away from being holy Mary-Mother of Jesus above .500, frickin' eh!

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