Everyone Has A Thought About Kevin Pillar. Here's Mine.

What a week?! What a night?! What a day?! There have been handfuls of minds sitting behind screens pressing their Kevin Pillar thoughts.

And I've just needed some time to think before a knee jerk thoughtless reaction. It's clear that this language doesn't belong in the game, and it's very clear many people share these humanly thoughts.

But some writers out there are hard hitting Kevin Pillar as a person and as a man. And let me make myself clear that I'm not coming to the defence of Pillar's homophobic hurl in last night's game because it's absolutely unacceptable for this language to exist anywhere, but it does and sadly it will never go away.

There are no borders that divide ignorance and racism and homophobia or just hate - let's call a spade a spade. The defeating fact is, it's always going to exist - it's the beaten down earth ways, and it's not going to change.

Now, I believe, Kevin Pillar isn't a homophobic person, but he said a really stupid thing. A really terrible thing. Something that needs to be put away - especially from a likeable character like Kevin Pillar.

However, in his heated moment his mind pulled this vocabulary word from his cognitive lexical thesaurus, and it's completely unacceptable. He should've just given a Bautista like stare and walked to the dugout, but he didn't.

Now the thing is, I read an article over at Mop Up Duty that really attacked Pillar, and I think it's absolute trash the things that were written about him over there.

Pillar was an underdog who was drafted in the 32 round whose favourite players were Pete Rose and Calvin Ripken - he's competitive, he works hard, and he focuses on being mentally strong and constantly improving. So I disagree with every thought that Callum Hughson wrote about Pillar and I think it was a childish knee jerk reaction.

I don't think it's ever good to push back when pushed. Pillar used a word that is unacceptable, but I do not think that all the good work for the community he has done should be forgotten, nor should he be attacked like the way he has been by media people. And I get it, it fucking hurt and angered people and the LGBTQ community, but these words from Pillar last night were a reminder that this language is unacceptable.

People may focus this incident on the jock like locker room community, but don't be so foolish please. Ignorance exists everywhere - it's easy to forget when you aren't a part of it.

Kevin Pillar is a man who said a really awful homophobic slur, and hopefully with time people will forgive him for this. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do, but it's the right thing to do when the time is right for you.

The fact is it was a bad day for baseball and for everyone who took a step back today and thought - yeah, I don't think like this or say these things, but someone just did, and I like that someone, so now what?

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