John Gibbons: Season Reflections And Thoughts

A Jays Droppings insider was able to sit down with John Gibbons and ask him for his inner monologue during a series of season events. Gibbons told our MLB Blue Jays insider, Jim Duggan, that he often refers to himself as Gibbers while deep in thought. Duggan told me that he found this very odd, but he didn't want to take the old hacksaw to John Gibbons' brain with too many question while he picked it over a glass of Wild Turkey in a dive bar on Queen St. West, so he just gave Gibbons the old Texas nod and listened.

Season Reflections

Opening Day:

One minute later:

Batting practice the next day:

The Horrors At The Trop:

Jason Grilli's Struggles:

First Interview At The Dome Opener:

The John Farrell Handshake:

Sportsnet's Arash Madani:

Mat Latos and Casey Lawrence:

Kevin Pillar:

The Injuries:

Marcus Stroman 'Tampa Pull':

Minutes later:



John Gibbons Random Thoughts

That is the end of the Jays Droppings 'John Gibbons: Season Reflections and Thoughts' Gallery, we hope that you enjoyed it and had a laugh. A special thanks to Jim Duggan for sawing into the mind of ol' Gibbers.

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