Can You Smell That Roast? It's Called Culture, Gregg Zaun!

The most beautiful thing about this little rock that us people spin on is culture. Culture is language, it’s food, it’s attitude, it’s music, and it’s style. It reflects people from all regions of this world and it is what makes each little corner of the planet unique because it represents an identity for people who dance around this old beaten land.

And sometimes culture is misunderstood, isn’t it? Someone should ask Gregg Zaun about that, since he decided to say a thing again. After he said what he said the other day (because he’s always saying something), I really couldn’t be bothered by feeding into the noise and rants by Blue Jays fans and writers. I mean, why be bothered by a fool saying foolish things – just doesn’t make sense to me.

But now here I am typing up words on this matter as I take my slice of the roast from Ken Reid’s ‘manalyst'. Zaun came back to the matter before Monday's game and went onto say he was angry about Stroman’s lack of sportsmanship, but is it really about that? Zaun, of course, backtracked (after Twitter and Google land went 'high and inside on him') as he said he would’ve celebrated with Stroman too if he were catching that game.

But he did still stick to his Zaun guns and made sure to say that it’s disrespectful to direct emotion at the opponent like the way Stroman did - thank God you never grew up in a hockey rink Zaun, you want to talk about having a thick skin (which I'm sure the Angels players have anyway), eh!

But I found it very interesting how he mentioned that he’s still trying to get used to this new (I guess) attitude of the MLB – or should I say ‘culture’? Because that is exactly what it is, isn't it? A new culture.

Gregg Zaun and these proud and aging baseball old bitties, continue to take arms against this new culture of the MLB. I use this word culture (purposefully) because I think it’s the arrogance of these old white men who fail to try to understand (or learn about) the different cultures that exist in the MLB because it ‘ain’t all American anymore folks.’

And an act that may be seen as offensive and disrespectful in one culture, isn’t in another – imagine that. Now you may be thinking where the fuck is this JaysDroppings guy going with this, but take a look at the Latin culture in the MLB. The bat flip in the Latin culture (believe it or not) is a way to express the awesome job that you did by taking a pitcher deep and it isn't seen as a disrespectful act as Yoenis Cespedes said in an interview.

Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Bautista, Jose Altuve etc. bring style to the game and their emotions and passion are lived out in the 'diamond' moment, and this is different than before. Baseball is suppose to be played with controlled respectful emotion, right? In the old days players never celebrated with the raw emotion that is seen in today's game.

Good Ol' Goose with a little October hop.

I sure hope that Kirk Gibson isn't staring in the direction of the opponent in this 'old school sportsmanship' way to show human emotion.

And I'm pretty sure that the 'Eck' never pointed at any opponents dugouts when celebrating, right? Umm, ah, I can't think of a team where he showed this sort of disrespect, can you? Nah, that never happened because the 'Eck' had old school sportsmanship, which had controlled emotion. But that's okay because:

Can you catch the taste, Zaun? Roberto Alomar sure could, and it was two fingers to the respectful sky.

It’s hard to believe that celebrating might be different from culture to culture, isn’t it? But guess what? It is, why? Because culture is what makes us different and for Latinos flipping the holy bat is a way to celebrate.

The way things are done in different countries in South America like Puerto Rico, the Dominican, Cuba, Venezuela etc. are different than in America, can you fucking believe it? Culture is different. Holy. Geez. Shit. The world isn't a melting pot of burgers and cheese.

And maybe some people are too ignorant to accept that – or even bother to look into it. And to those people who are quick to offer their ageing reaction, umm, I guess, try to understand before you open-your-ageing-jaws-and-use-your-stale-thoughts-to-fil-the-air.

I think it’s pretty amazing that the Latinos have introduced their culture into the game of baseball, they play the sport with passion, and kind of make the game pretty damn cool too.

Let’s stop and give a moment to this Puerto Rican legend, Roberto Clemente, who played the game with a style and passion like no other:

I'm sorry I just don't understand what Gregg Zaun is having a hard time accepting about this new MLB. He doesn't like the attitude of the new players, umm, okay - I guess. But the MLB has always had attitude and swagger, the old school were cool ass cats, no?

That's just Dock Ellis, Zaun - maybe you forgot.

And, of course, how can any one forget his no-no hair curls too:

So I still can't figure out what Gregg Zaun is having such a hard time accepting about the new generation of players. Does he feel like they have too much style? Too much flare? Are they too outspoken? Because holy fuck when hasn't the MLB had the outspoken raw type, just ask Gregg Zaun, right Gregg Zaun? right?

And disrespect, okay, umm, maybe he feels like these new players are disrespectful to the game I guess. Because if you think about the great legend of the called Bambino shot, would that not have been disrespectful too - or showed a lack of sportsmanship?

And who knows - maybe the Babe was pointing at a bird? Maybe he was giving directions to the best watering hole in the city? Maybe he was calling home (ET, no? Okay, moving on). Anyway, wouldn't calling your shot to your opponent be disrespectful too? - Just sayin', Gregg.

Now, for me the most disrespectful act in the MLB is cheating through the use of PEDs, now that's something I can't accept - but what do I know. So now here I am trying to make sense of foolish thoughts, but a thought put out there that has an outlet to reach many minds deserves a little investigation.

I guess, I, like many of you - didn't see any wrong in the emotion that Marcus Stroman showed in Los Angeles - or any time he's on the mound for that matter. But my real question to Gregg Zaun is, what are you REALLY trying to still accept about the players in todays game? Is it the different culture? Is it the raw emotion? Is it how different cultures show emotion in different ways? - Or is it just millennials?

Well, here is some of this new MLB class being that 'thing' that's hard for Gregg Zaun the 'manalyst' to accept:

Oops, how did that get in there? Do you smell that? That's your roast - make sure to chew all your food before you swallow - or else you might choke. #LetsRISE

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