Top Fifteen Reasons Why I Love The Blue Jays and Baseball (Even though it hasn’t been much fun latel

April has been bleak for Blue Jays fans, and everyone is staring and ranting into the blue abyss – but let’s try not to scream and stare into it for too long. So let's take a quick glance at the 'lately', which hasn't been much fun.

It’s been negative and the noise and numbers are loud and clear:

So right now Blue Jays fans feel like Jack Nicholson is chasing them with an axe in a

n i g h t m a r e hotel where there is no escape:

So I think (and call me crazy if you will) that sometimes it’s important to remember why we love baseball and our Toronto Blue Jays, why the fuck not? I'm sick of the sulking, the whining, the crying, and (straight up) the should-the-Blue-Jays-blow-it-up talk. I fucking love baseball and I love our goddamn Jays.

Top 15 Reasons Why I Love Baseball And Our Blue Jays

15. The New White Panel Cap

It’s always fun at the start of every season to put away the winter toque and pull out your Blue Jays cap. And the new white panel cap is cool, eh?!

14. Blue Jays Buskers

It’s great to walk around the Rogers Centre before the game and see familiar Blue Jays buskers.

13. Hot Dogs and Beer

Yes, pleasssse! And both are a good time and then add in some Blue Jays baseball – now that’s a party, or I’m just getting old (and, of course, some cracker jacks and peanuts too).

12. The Seventh Inning Stretch

I don’t know, this song doesn’t get old to me – I’m a sucker for anything nostalgia.

11. When the Rogers Centre Roof Is Open

There's nothing better than being at at Jays game when the roof is open. Please open it soon. Pleasssse.

10. Blue Jays Home Runs

Do you remember this video? Every Blue Jays home run in 2015 masterfully edited to Johnny Cash, ahh, how many times have you watched this? You should probably press play and watch this again because it's still soooo good.

9. Troy Tulowitzki Double-Plays

Who doesn't love a good old fashion double-play? And Tulo is a damn baseball machine. He's a shortstop version of the Terminator.

8. Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler

The comforting sound of Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler’s voices on the good old TV as they call the game and take the piss out of their MLB careers is a damn fun thing which I love.

7. Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez

Why? Because these two young prodigious pitchers are something special to watch.

6. Russell Martin and Roberto Osuna’s 'knock knock'

It's always a good thing when the game ends like this - hopefully we see this more often.

5. Everything John Gibbons

No, Mr. Gibbons - a big thumbs up to you! It's his walk, his point to the bullpen, his slouch, his post game interviews, and everything else Gibbers, which is the reason the nation likes to #gibbythebest.

4. Blue Jays Writers

Reading all the great Blue Jays writers as they break down and offer their awesome insight (or hopefully make you laugh) all season long to give Jays fans something to agree or disagree with, to love or hate, and to talk about at lunch with colleagues.

3. Who Will Be Behind Home Plate?

I love to wonder about who I will see on my flat screen behind home plate. Geddy Lee? The Lady Behind Home Plate? A surprise guest? Who knows? Certainly not what's on second.

2. Josh Donaldson

Can't wait for JD to get back on the field, you? Here's to a quick recovery, you are missed.

1. Jose Bautista

Watching Jose Bautista play (most likely) his last season as a Jay. Although he has had an awful start to this season, he’s been our franchise player for close to a decade. Is he hitting so far? No. At times, does it hurt to watch his routes to the ball in the field? Yes.

But it would be nice to see him sort out his ‘baseball’ and leave Toronto with a well-deserved standing ovation. He has had all of us screaming at the top of our lungs in joy while creating everlasting Blue Jays memories for us all. So let’s all enjoy this season with Jose, who knows – maybe he will get us all to rise again.

Here’s to the Blue Jays and baseball for that matter, I know it's been tough so far Blue Jays fans – so let’s just take the time and remember what we love about our Birds.

They’re Canada’s team, what’s not to love, eh!

Feel free to add in the comments section, your own top 10 reasons for why you love the Jays.

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