The Main Event: Blue Jays Fans vs. Maple Leafs Fans

AND IT'S TIME! In this corner we have the fans who the whole nation hates and have seen their team suck for too long -- Leafs Nation. And their opponent weighing in at a big Rogers dollar whose fans have a reputation of causing a ruckus -- Blue Jays Nation.

Are you ready? I said, are you ready? Because whatcha gonna do, brother? When these two Nations run wild on you:

(no, you didn't like that - I tried, moving on...)

What’s the difference between Blue Jays fans and Maple Leafs fans – that is the question? Well, one thing for sure is that they both love their beer:

But did you know Leaf fans, that after the first Opening Day pitch was tossed down the middle of the plate at the good old Exhibition Stadium in 1977, Blue Jays fans suffered the pain of not having a good old Labatt's Blue at the ballpark.

The Toronto franchise was the only team in the MLB that didn’t serve beer to help fans cause a ruckus in the bleachers. That’s right, so if you were at that first game at the old ‘Ex’ and were looking for a cold one – the only thing available for you was a pop – or as our American friends call it a ‘soda’.

But that all changed for Jays fans as the Ontario government agreed to a two-year ball park beer sales experiment in July 1982 – and it’s been a beer bro show ever since:

(You're not on the ice bro? Simmer down. This kind of behaviour, of course, lead to the no-more-beer-being-sold-seventh-inning-rule)

The funny thing Leaf fans is that back in 1982 when the good Canadian beer hit the ballpark fans complained about the cost saying, ‘No glass of beer is worth a dollar seventy-five.’ Could you imagine that? A buck seventy-five. So one thing is for sure, both Leafs and Jays fans enjoy a cold one at a high cost. But I will say this, at least the Leaf bros (unlike Blue Jays bros) don’t toss their cans onto the ice:

Now, there is something to be said about Maple Leaf fans – they are fucking dedicated. Leaf fans ride through the blue down every fucking road. Hmm, unlike, a lot of *cough* Blue Jays fans.

This is not a take the piss out of Blue Jays fans piece, because there are a ton of true ‘blue’ Jays fans in Canada who ride the dire days of summer and don't toss beer cans (more of them than the clown bros).

But one thing is for certain – Blue Jays Nation has a bigger wagon for the band (also known as bandwagon) compared to Leafs Nation. And that’s okay Blue Jays Bandwagon members, you are always welcome to jump on board when the team is riding the high wave (but please no wave at the SkyDome because it’s fucking lame):

The Blue Jays Bandwagon was first formed in 1985 when Jays fever swept across the nation. The old Birds made it to the American League championship against the Kansas City Royals and ‘poof’ like that a nation wide fever was formed A.K.A the Bandwagon.

During this series, even the French Montreal Newspapers jumped on the wagon in support of the Jays who were at that time, of course, the Anglo team. The whole country tuned in and watched the Birds slug it out against the Royals, and the only thing that stopped people in Toronto from not tuning in were the one’s who had tickets to a live taping of the Tommy Hunter Show. What you don’t know Tommy Hunter? Here’s Tommy Hunter:

So Leafs Nation rides the tough times on one giant 'Bud' wagon, and, well, Blue Jays Nation watches its members jump off the second things look bleak. So here’s to you Leafs Nation because holy fuck has it been one hell of a fucking ride for you. The future is bright. Cheers.

And Blue Jays Bandwagoners hold on for the uphill battle the boys of summer have this year, but it should be fucking fun to watch, so don’t jump off just yet.

Now let’s take a look in Jays Droppings fashion at the Blue Jays fans vs. Maple Leafs fans Main Event card:














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