Ok, Ok Blue Jays, Blue Jays! Let's Play Ball!: An Ode To The Fans

The best season of the two seasons (you know the quote, right?) is here, and, yes, it's baseball season. The Blue Birds wrapped up their Montreal expedition over the weekend at the ol' Olympic Stadium and spring training is now FINALLY over. The 25-man roster is almost complete, well, almost because the waiver time has come and (while you're reading this, it has probably passed, and a ton of transactions still happen during April anyway) teams will be reaching for that odd man left out who fits their ball clubs needs. On Saturday afternoon, Jays fans were taken by surprise as rumours started to fly that the ol' Birds (were going to) released Melvin to nomad land through this Buster Olney tweet:

Only to be confirmed, as was expected, but with an unpleasant surprise added to the mix by John Lott on Sunday afternoon when he tweeted to the Blue Bird Nation the news that:

So, umm, yeah, Osuna needs a little rest, and that's fine. Is it a good thing? Of course it's not the ideal thing, will he be ready to hurl sooner than you think? Absolutely.

And, yes, there was also the news that Ryan Goins is going to stay with the big Birds too, as he has made the opening day 'surprise' roster as well. And this makes complete sense, because the often injured Devon Travis and aging, but still unbelievable Troy Tulowitzki (hopeful Blue Jays 2017 MVP) are, well, sometimes beaten up by the 'hard ball' of infield life at the Rogers Centre (I mean SkyDome), so Goins makes more sense to keep around than the not so hot bat and glove that the 1-million dollar Melvin displayed in Toronto, don't you think? Especially since the Jays acquired LF Chris Coghlan who might end up with the big Birds at some point in the season too.

Now, I think that I need to reiterate and stress that the Birds roster is * almost complete * because John Lott points out to fans in Twitter land to go check out the Blue Jays April 2016 transactions to encourage people to take a breath and chill the fuck out about Sunday's 25-man Blue Birds roster:

Listen folks Mark ShapIro and Ross Atkins are crafty baseball men, who believe it or not, want to win here in Toronto and are constantly looking to get better while putting talent into the farm system (geez, sounds terrible, eh?! Umm, no, so hopefully you're off the 'Shatkins' ship by now), but the Birds are going to make changes and new faces will be coming in-and-out of the old day-to-day roster, and that's fine. Actually, that's normal, isn't it?

So this Sunday was Christmas Fucking Day, wasn't it? The MLB season started at 1:07pm and the umps bellowed out that beautiful sound of 'Play Ball!' It's a great thing, nah, it's an awesome thing, fuck it - it's the most wicked awesome fucking thing in the whole God damn universe, isn't it? And I will answer this in true Canadian fashion, fuckin' eh! It is.

It's like waking up in the morning on your birthday to have your coolest uncle (yes, a lot of positive superlatives are going to be used in this little trash piece I'm writing) make you super-sized pancakes:

Yup, it sure does feel like that, I mean, look at 'cute' little Macaulay Culkin's bliss, that's the feeling we've been waiting for all winter long folks, and she's finally here now - good ol' baseball. Now I've said it before and I will say it again: it's gonna be a long season, so get ready for the long arduous ride, and hopefully by the end of it Jays fans 'we' won't be doing this:

Alright, I'm done with the early nineties Culkin pics, but I just think I'm over the damn MLB moon here because the conveyer belt of time has brought us to this lovely point where the baseball season is here. And let's be honest now, seriously fucking honest (and I'm not biased here), but Jays fans are the best in the league.

All of the Jays Zealots support the Birds and make their presence felt in every MLB stadium that the 'good guys' are playing in. This is #CanadasTeam and the fans are ready to #LetsRise (as long as it's not in the form of the wave, right? C'mom). The wave really isn't that fucking cool now, is it? - I guess maybe for the children, umm, maybe, ahh, probably not for them either.

But wherever the Jays fans play, it's always great to see the support the team gets - that's for sure. I mean, how fucking cool is it when the Birds are in Seattle to drop all over the Mariners and you see this sea of blue on the ol' tube:

When Bautista hit that 'booster bomb' in that must win game and the blues erupted from their seats, it was just straight up awesome in a 'funky cold medina' kind of way, what? Tone Loc? No, that's okay, anyway, moving on.

There isn't a team in the MLB that has as much support as the Blue Birds, and when the team is winning and people jump on the ol' bandwagon (not that there is anything wrong with that, nothing like a good ol' Seinfeld reference, eh!) the Jays Zealots and their blue caps amalgamate into the bleachers of stadiums through out the great land of North America. Yup, the Jays are Canada's team, and it's damn cool too, eh! (I just can't get enough of the Canadian 'ehs' in this one) When The Birds are winning, they are more popular than the Tim Horton's Double-Double, well, maybe, okay, ahh, probably not, but that's okay.

I found this old article on the weekend during my Google hangover adventures and it made me go, hmm, interesting, in the same way a Joe Biagini interview does or a John Gibbon's 'gibber':

So naturally, of course, no one liked the Blue Jays name when the organization decided on it. But in the final paragraph of this article (which you really should find and read), the club states why they felt it was/is an appropriate name and why the 'Blue Jay' is the right bird for the job (and I kinda think it's pretty darn nifty in the best Canadian way too):

'It's strong, aggressive, and inquisitive, and it dares to take on all comers. It's down to earth, gutsy, and good looking. We felt the Blue Jay is a true representative of major league baseball in Toronto.'

Umm, does that sound like someone you know because it should. When I was reading this article, I had a holy shit 'ah-a' (not the band) eureka moment. And reflecting on that quote today, well, don't those adjectives in the first sentence perfectly describe 'our' Blue Jays Nation of fans. We are strong, we are aggresive (in an 'A-Ha' 'Take On Me' kind of way, aren't we? But just don't throw beer cans bros), and inquisitive too.

And I'd like to note that the second sentence perfectly describes me:

Okay, so that's not me - it's just a pic of the great American actor, George Clooney, but I am 'down to earth', 'gutsy', and straight up in a 'George Clooney' kind of way 'good looking', how about you? But all jokes aside, didn't they kind of hit the mark with those adjectives to describe the ruckus that Jays nation is - I think so.

Now, since I'm discussing the great fans that this nation has (and the one American fan from the 'Rhode' over at 'South of the Six'), I thought it would make perfect sense to pay tribute to the A-List fans in JaysDroppings fashion. So let's take a look at and pay respect to the top 5 Internet and TV Blue Birds fans who we've all come to know:

5. These Guys

Ahh, yeah, who hasn't sent this GIF on their iPhone to their friend on Friday (to cheer the weeks end) at 5pm - I know I have. I hope these two are just as pumped right now as they were in this MLB.com GIF now that the Jays season is about to get on.

4. The Joey Bats Beard Kid

Well, this kid became an instant star back at his school after all the press he received for his Bautista beard. And, of course, because Jose is, well, just awesome - the kid, ya know, got to meet his hero too:

Not bad, I'm sure we will see this little squirt at one of the ol' ball games this season. Let's just hope that he doesn't end up on a Barbara Walters special in ten years, and he sticks to straight A's and eating his Wheaties. Way to go kid - in a couple months you will be free from school and have the time to baseball as much as you want.

3. The Solemn Blue Jays Bearded Man

Oh yeah, of course, this guy was gonna make the ol' JaysDroppings cut. Things weren't going so well for 'our' Blue Birds in this moment - I remember it quite clearly. I was sitting on my couch, it was April 12th, 2016, and we were losing to the Yankees 3 -2 heading into the ninth when the cameraman caught sight of this fan. He became instantly famous in Internet land - I'm sure he's some kids cool grandpa. And, of course, then Tim and the clown Sid went with this guys pic all season long posting him to their Instagram analogous with Blue Jays losses. I wonder if he's excited it's April too? My guess, ahh, yes.

2. Grandma Edwin

Ahh, everyone loves her, don't they? She's the Betty White of Blue Jays fans, don't you think? She is most definitely one of the coolest baseball grandmas in Blue Jays Nation. I still wonder how she feels about the whole Edwin thing? Sigh - I still haven't gotten over the break-up yet. Geez.

1. The Lady Behind Home Plate

Sure the Lady Behind Home Plate is. She is the most popular TV Jays fan out there who is truly dedicated, and goes to a lot of games that's for sure. She is the most recognized fan, and she's probably a really sweet lady, don't you think? I wonder who her favourite player is? Don't you?

We all stare at her in our flat screens during every pitch tossed in the ol' SkyDome and she has become quite the mystery - or should I say Blue Birds enigma. (By the way, if 'you', the 'Lady Behind Home Plate, happen to be reading this - PLEASE contact me, so I can interview you. Thanks - I will continue now) She has three twitter 'fan' accounts, a Facebook page, and has even had an article written about her by someone over at the CBC. I'm sure she will be dressed to impressed for the Birds home opener, so get ready folks our favourite fan will be joining our living rooms soon, that's right, the infamous Lady Behind Home Plate.

And a special fan who we all keep 'closer to the heart' (see what I did there) is:

Geddy Lee. Yup, the front man and bassist for Rush, who sits just a few seats away from the Lady Behind Home Plate, is a big time Bird fan. He sure knows how to 'roll the bones' and get to a ton of games. It sure would be fun to pick his baseball brain, because you know he'd have some good ball thoughts. See ya soon, Geddy.

And the ol' Blue Birds Anthem

(with a new JaysDroppings twist)

And finally, let's pay tribute in this 'ode to fans' with 'our' favourite song, but in JaysDroppings haute couture.

You’ve got a Gibbons and he’s got nine men.

They’ve got tattoos and earrings and that’s not all.

You got the SkyDome that’s now called the Rogers Centre,

it’s got the bleachers for fans to cause a ruckus from spring ‘till fall.

You got some street meat, it’s cheaper than the dogs inside the Dome,

you got a 10 dollar Bud that you wish you could’ve brought from home.

What do you want?

Let’s play ball.

Is that a fly ball, or is it a beer can?

Coming down from the stands of some bro's hand.

It’s the last inning, our guys are winning,

but we have to wait for Jeff Banister to challenge the call.

What do you want?

Let’s play ball.

So bring on the ‘trash birds’

Bring on the ‘shit sox’ who some call the pink hats

Cause we know Boston is a team that won’t play ball in fall.

Bring on the Rangers who have an Odor face,

there’s nothing better than seeing it after we knock them out.

We’ll try to beat the Indians as long as it doesn’t take 19 innings

they're the punks who stole our Edwing who we love.

What do you want?

Let’s play ball.

Yeah, you know it, so Ok, Ok Blue Jays, Blue Jays!

Let’s, Let’s Play, Play Ball!

(What? Ya wanna judge this clown for writing that - that's fine. I know I'm a lameo, I'm just a super excited lameo who is over the ol' Blue Bird moon that the baseball season started, aren't you too?)

This is an ode to all of 'us', the fans, because the season has finally arrived, and the spring training yawn is finally over. We've waited a long winter for this, so let's get ready to baseball for the next six months because the umps are now bawling 'Play Ball!' It's April and the only fool is the one who doesn't like baseball.


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